Friday, November 29, 2013

O Come, Emmanuel - Christmas Version - ThePianoGuys

I was trying to hold off until December before posting any Christmas material but I saw this video tonight and had to post it.  Very moving and beautiful rendition of the classic, O Come, Emmanuel.
The Piano Guys are truly one of my favorite performing groups.  I love their dedication to their craft and the high-res videos.  They have some incredible releases and you can visit their site here.

Black Friday - Freebie posts the top 10 Free Amazon downloads every day.  This the top of 10 most read genres.  It's a quick and easy way to get a smattering of what's available for easy download.  One page - ten titles, but today we have one of our Indie Authors, Lake Lopez, with his book also going FREE and it's a winner.  Visit the download page and view all of the titles and grab up a few for yourself.

FREE - Click Image

Thursday, November 28, 2013

e-Book Cover Designer, Brandi Doane McCann

I recently ran across a new designer that has impressed me with her work.  She offers a number of services but it was her eBook Covers that caught my attention.  Her portfolio is full of imaginative, successful covers and she has pre-made options to choose from, starting at $60.  Custom made Book and eBook covers are also available.  She is certainly creative and gifted but for many Indie Authors, working on a shoestring budget, she is also affordable.  Take a look at her work with her link below:

For additional author resources and helpful links catch up with us below:

Author Resources

Monday, November 25, 2013

What Do a Curse and Vampires Have in Common?

And the answer is . . . Arousing the Legacy!  My wife is so involved in The Vampire Diaries right now that I was pleased to see AJ Raven list his book on my site,  This YA Tale looks very engaging.  I'll download a copy for my wife.  This Colville Mystery is a new release and is rated 5.0 Stars on Barnes and Noble but is waiting for a first review on Amazon.  Share this link with the vampire lover in your life.  It appears you won't be sorry.

Amazon, B&N $2.99

Friday, November 22, 2013

A Plethora of New-Release Titles

I've recently hooked up with a writer's social networking site,  There are a great bunch of writing enthusiasts, poets, journalists, etc to mingle with and it's opened up a door for new authors to utilize my website,  Visit the site and browse the dozens of new authors with new release titles.  Some will surprise and delight you with their talent and inspiration.

Below are a few covers from the past few days:

I've also started an Author's Resource Section to provide helpful links and suggestions for Indie Authors and others who may be interested.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And Now Something for our Young Adult Readers

Finding Kaden, a novel by Jean Reinhardt, is the first in her The Finding Trilogy.  It has everything I look for in a book that I can read over a weekend and feel totally satisfied.  Please take a minute to read the short synopsis below and then visit her amazon site for more information.  Here is your opportunity to enjoy new talent and help an Indie Author navigate the world of writing and publishing.  I do appreciate all the views and support from those that travel in these circles.

A vicious attack leaves seventeen year old Kaden suffering from amnesia. He finds himself caught up in a world of abduction, conspiracy, exploitation and murder. Detective Jake Matthews must convince the young man's family that their son is dead in order to keep him alive. Meanwhile, six missing teenagers cause problems for a sinister organization, led by a dangerous man who considers himself to be above the law

Amazon $0.99
Amazon $0.99

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Zombies . . . and a Cure!

I've not personally run across many writers who are exploring some of the same topics I feel inclined to pursue, but in Deirdre Gould I may have found a kindred spirit.  Her latest novel, After the Cure, is an interesting departure from the normal Zombie theme.  She explores the end game of a zombie apocalypse and what would happen if there were a cure and the social implications for those that lived through the event.
The book is highly praised and rated.  It was released in August of this year and has done well to climb the Amazon charts.  If you like a good zombie or horror type novel, this is for you.  Follow the link below to Amazon.

Amazon $2.99

Friday, November 15, 2013

What are Readers Saying?

I find the most difficult aspect to writing, then finishing a novel to be the promotional side of things.  It somehow seems arrogant to constantly beat a drum, sounding to the world your accomplishment.  Over the past year I've discovered that many Indie Authors struggle with the same thing.  They write a thought provoking novel, invest countless hours in preparing it for the public and it falls flat because they fail to navigate the millions of books and dozens of websites that stand in their way.
I'm still trying to sort it all out but I'm making headway.  At this point, I'm happy to be writing for the simple joy of the 'creative experience' and not counting sales to pay my bills.  My heart goes out to the hundreds and perhaps thousand of would-be authors that find themselves in that situation.
The Living Hunger continues to do well especially in the UK but this past week it has ranked in Amazon's top 100 for post-apocalyptic novels in both the USA and UK.  Thanks to followers and readers for making the book a success  -- well over a thousand copies have been sold worldwide.

I'll let some readers do the rest of the talking today:

"The characters are believable and the story frighteningly possible. This is well-worth the time invested, and he's definitely on my list of author's to follow in the future... if we have on."  USA Reader, aerodrome 5 Stars

" This book had it all, it kept you turning pages as fast as you could read them from page 1. Very suspenseful. A must read book."  USA Reader, Carla 5 Stars

"Review: Where do I start with this review? This book will have you laughing, crying, loving, and learning. When I started reading this book I was very happy that the book was a post-apocalyptical story without zombies. The book was VERY well planned out and the descriptions of everything was utterly amazing. The characters in the books were flawed, and it made them so much more realistic because of it. The amount of action in the book was perfect with the amount of necessary information to understand the book in it's entirety. I recommend this book for ANY post-apocalyptic genre fan. I know I'll be re-reading this a few times!"  USA Reader & IA Reviewer, Brandon 5 Stars

"A bloody good read.  I really enjoyed this book and its characters. It held me from page one right to the last page. It deals with a post war earth that has all but died from chemical and biological war. The few survivors try to live off the land and this is the story of their lives. Well worth the read!"  UK Reader, Goodread 5 Stars

"The Living Hunger - wow! What a story! Exciting... chillingly realistic, full of interesting characters that struggle to become tougher as the battle to survive ramps up. I've read quite a few apocalyptic stories, but this one grabs your emotions and pulls you in."  UK Reader, Chris 5 Stars

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

S.L. Stacker's Romance with a Dangerous Twist

I'm not one much for romance novels but I do enjoy an intriguing novel with some larceny or an underlying current of danger.  That's what Macyn's Letter appears to deliver.  The reviews are outstanding with an overall Amazon rating of 5.0 stars.  I've already downloaded and started to read this novel and I'd encourage you to do the same.  It's currently $2.99 on Amazon but with a price match to Smashwords of $0.00 you can get this title for FREE.  Use the links below to start this talented new author's series.


Barnes and Noble

Pleasant Surprise!

I'm generally not a morning person but was pleased when I awoke this morning to find The Living Hunger in the Top 20 for both War and Post-Apocalyptic genre on the site.  As most aspiring authors, I've sifted through my share of promotional material and used several serviced to get the word out about my novels, but I keep coming back to  They consistently deliver to an audience of readers that helps to boost my sales.  The thing I love about their promotions is you only pay for books sold: no $250 upfront cost with no guarantee of sales.

November 13, 2013 - The Living Hunger Status

Then, another wonderful bit of news before I headed off to work -- NO WORK TODAY.  I'd forgotten that I worked an extra day last week and had scheduled today free.  Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket today!

Well Raven and Nathan, I guess it's just you and me today, 5000 words and I'll be able to relax.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Wrath of the Orphans

Hot, New Fantasy Title from Chris Philbrook -- Rated 5.0 Stars on Amazon with enough reviews to give the reader a good idea of the writing/story quality.  I see a lot of new releases due to the site but this one impresses more than most.  If you enjoy a good plot with a dark side I think you'll enjoy this trilogy.  The author reports that it will be on sale this week for a few days at only $0.99.

Attention Authors!

It's been awhile since I've invited more new releases to be added to my site,, so I wanted to extend an invitation to anyone reading this with a new release to contact me through the site's submit page.  Get more exposure for your title for free, no gimmicks, just an opportunity to show your work on a different venue.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Opportunity for New Authors and New Releases

Sale Hosted by eReaderNewsToday - $0.99 Sale

The Living Hunger Sale $0.99
One of my favorite sites is hosting a sale today for The Living Hunger.  Pick up your digital copy today for just $0.99 -- sale ends Nov. 13th at midnight.

Direct link to Amazon, if you prefer.

Monday, November 11, 2013

UK Top 100 $0.99 Reg Price
I was so very pleased to see that both The Living Hunger and Operation Z-Day have moved into the UK Top 100 Post-Apocalyptic Novels today.  Tomorrow had been scheduled to start a sales promo with in celebration of the release of book one in The Raven Falconer Chronicles: Operation Z-Day.  For a limited time both books will be available for just $0.99.
Goodreads reviews and ratings put The Living Hunger at 4.87 stars and Operation Z-Day at 5.0.  Please take a minute to view each with the links below for Amazon and Smashwords: $0.99 Sale

     The Living Hunger

     The Raven Falconer Chronicles: Operation Z-Day

Remembrance Day 2013

Sir Winston Churchill is famous for saying,

"Never was so much owed by so many to so few."

 Share in a moment of silence with us on this special dedicated day; remember the lives lost and the sacrifices made for you and for me.  Truly, many have laid their very lives on the alter of freedom that we might live in free lands and pursue happiness unrestrained.  My hat comes off and my heart goes out to these courageous men and women who have given us so much. -- Dennis F. Larsen

The Living Hunger - Amazon 4.7 Stars

The Living Hunger has been out just over four months and I'm pleased with the way it's been received.  UK sales continue to outperform the USA, can't explain that one, but I'm not complaining.  Below is a recent review from Ryan, a Goodreads reader:

"In general, I don't post reviews of books I've read. I find books to be an extremely personal experience and I would hate for my review to alter someone's in any way.

That said, I do find it appropriate to encourage the writing and reading of exceptional stories; The Living Hunger being a prime example. As many have wrote before me, this story, with it's familiar characters and breakneck pace, keeps you glued from the outset. I would be lying if I didn't suspect that the premise would become predictable. I was happy to find however that the writer chose not to go this route; though it does lead to some reader heart ache. Finally, I find that my overall takeaway is what convinced me to comment; be the light in whatever shade of darkness dares come your way."

Thanks Ryan

Visit Goodreads for more insightful reviews (Rated 4.87).

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Signed Perfect Bound Copy Giveaway

Enter to win a signed copy of the post-apocalyptic novel, The Living Hunger.  Highly rated and a top seller in the UK, take this opportunity to win a free copy.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Living Hunger by Dennis F. Larsen

The Living Hunger

by Dennis F. Larsen

Giveaway ends November 15, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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