Monday, December 29, 2014

A Bully Laid Bare

I've just completed a book by Sasha Dreams, a unique work chronicling her early childhood, which at times was difficult to read.  Not due to the writer's abilities but rather the content.  Sasha has written something so deep and painful that it touched me in a way no other book has.  A child's psyche twisted and changed under the weight of neglectful, irresponsible parents, and more is heartbreaking.  The morphing of this girl from a talented, energetic child to a 'monster' of sorts is appalling but also incredibly insightful.  Getting a glimpse into the bully's life, her struggles, thoughts, and actions is truly eye-opening.
If you've ever been bullied or know someone who is -- this is a book you should read and pass on.  The work is not complete and I'd expect to see something soon from this gifted new author.
Recommended for school children, 10 and older, and adults.

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Amazon 5 Star Review:
"Outstanding read!! I picked this book up around 12:00 am and put it down around 2:00 am, when I finished it. Sounds unreasonable? Let me know how it goes for you when you start reading it. The author, Sasha Dreams, has taken a course of action that many of use fail to take, she confronted her “demons” and the darkness that controlled her young life. Throughout the course of the book I felt great joy, sadness, anger, disappointment and most importantly HOPE. The cover and title speaks volumes about the content of the book, but I can assure you there is much more. Bullying has been a hot topic in today’s society, and I believe Sasha Dreams exposes the mind of a bully. Often times we ask the question, why? Well, I suggest reading this book, and I believe you will gain a plethora of knowledge on the mindset of a bully. One lesson I have learned from this particular “chapter” of Sasha’s life is, no matter how bad the situation may be, with Jesus there is hope. This hope, as Sasha discovered, lies in true forgiveness. So without giving to much detail, travel with Sasha Dreams, and take a glance at her heart, I can assure, you will be blessed. I consider this book a testament to her boldness, and courageous attitude towards overcoming. I would suggest this book to anyone looking to gain more insight of a “bully” and the triumphant path of overcoming." -- KwileyBooks

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Living Hunger Sequel @ 50K Words

Just a quick note for those that are awaiting the release of The Living Hunger Sequel.  I've had a bit of a Christmas slowdown but the remainder of the book is outlined and ready to go.
2014 has passed far quicker than I could have imagined, with ups and downs but much to be grateful for.
Here's to a successful 2015 for all.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Erotic Spy Thriller by JL McMillan

I've had the pleasure of communicating with this wonderful, new author and am pleased to recommend his novel to you this week.  It's currently available from Amazon with the Kindle Countdown Deal at only $0.99.  Pick up a copy before the 21st, when the price will go back to $2.99.

I've written a brief synopsis of the work below:

Traumatized and shattered, Adam lies awake, an untold pressure squeezing his lungs and wrenching his soul.  He spirals downward until his spirit is entirely broken and his will to live is brought into question…and then, he meets Jasmine.

Adam, an agent of France’s Intelligence Agency, is immediately smitten, taken in by the enticing woman, who works for the French embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. Their chance encounter is electric, jump-starting a fiery, dangerous affair, as well as breathing renewed vigor into their troubled lives. 

The couple’s unresolved issues of the past and societal mores demonize their love, but they will not be denied.  Adam is captive to Jasmine’s beauty, and she is drawn to his strengths.  Together they will challenge the odds and test the limits of desire.

Jean-Louis McMillan’s Desire and Prejudice is much more than an erotic love story.  Set against the backdrop of a cultural divide, violence, and a region, ready to explode, this spy thriller has all the hallmarks of a great tale.

***Author’s Note: This is a contemporary love story with sexual content and strong language. Recommended reading age: 18+

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Amazon 5 Star Review by Kathy
"After reading “Desire & Prejudice” I couldn’t believe the book was written by a first-time author. It is fast-paced and compelling, and very believable. I almost wonder if the book is a little bit autobiographical? If there is just one problem, is that it’s too short and ended kind of abruptly. I do look forward to reading more from Jean-Louis McMillan, and I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read."

Another Amazon 5 Star Review by talpaz
"There were parts of “Desire & Prejudice” that were so heartbreaking and sad, and then parts that were steamy and full of life! Also, there are some moments of deeper meaning that made me feel so reflective. Good job, Jean-Louis McMillan. You had me feeling the full range of emotions with your book."

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