Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Husker (Zombie) Appreciation

My recent work, The Raven Falconer Chronicles: Operation Z-Day, is starting to pick up steam with new readers and reviewers finding a new twist on an old theme refreshing.  Goodreads.com reviewers are 8 for 8 with 5 Star reviews and ratings.  I am finding that people are hesitant to purchase book one of a series that promises more.  Perhaps they've been burned in the past with long delays or non-existent second books but that will not be the case here.  Book two is near completion and will be available mid January 2014.  The next installment brings new players into the fight for survival and more despair and tragedy as well.
This is unlike any 'Zombie' novel you've ever read.  Take a look at what readers are saying:

HM Jones: Goodreads.com Reviews

"Raven and her friends are fun, interesting and well fleshed out. Pun intended (you'll get it when you read the books). Their dreadful adventure is fast paced, thrilling and keeps you guessing. This is like no other apocalyptic work. Larsen knows what came before him, and he plays with well known themes while making his own unique story. His first book is a fun take on themes that needed a new, interesting voice. Well paced, interesting read that this reader really enjoyed."

Brandon: 10/10 on IABookReviews.com

"One anagram will cover this review: O.M.G. This book is probably one of the best Zombie genre books I've read! The way the author keeps the real world in tact while the deadly virus ravages the world was amazing. As an author of a zombie series, I've got a lot I could learn from this author, and I plan to! I will recommend this to ALL zombie fans, period!"

 Book 1, Operation Z-Day, is available on Amazon, Smashwords and all other online retailers.  $0.99 with a promise that all episodes will be the same.  This episode is 40,000 words and episode 2 is shaping up to be about the same.  Click the cover below for a quick look on Amazon.com.

Amazon.com Rated 5.0 Stars $0.99

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Heather A. Buchman's Cowboys, Rodeos and Romance

Author Heather A. Buchman has crafted a series of romance novels that will appeal to a wide range of readers.  She writes from the heart about things that she's well acquainted with and bring her joy.  The story is set in the beautiful state of Colorado, amongst majestic landscapes and rugged, honest people.
The first in the series, And Then You Fall, introduces the characters and paints a picture for the balance of the books.  Readers have been taken in with her writing style and incredible descriptions.  As one reader has said: "Made me laugh. Made me cry. Put your jammies on, pour a glass of wine, light a fire, and immerse yourself in the world of Ben and Liv!"

Book #1 $4.99

Heather A. Buchman
Book #2, And Then You Dance, picks up where 'Fall' leaves off with And Then You Kiss due for release in 2014.  I'm not much of a romance reader but this series really caught my attention.  I'll confess, it was the covers that got me, but once I looked into the author's reviews and the storyline I contacted her for this highlight feature.  You can read more about her with multiple links at www.eReaderRecon.com.
We're betting these 'Cowboy Romance Novels' are set for success.

Book #2 $4.99

Monday, December 23, 2013

eReaderRecon's 'In the Crosshairs' Feature

I happened upon a book and author this past week that I wanted to share with you.  Her name is Elyse Salpeter and her most recent title is The Hunt for Xanadu.  Ms. Salpeter has been writing for years, with her works published via mainstream publishing services but most recently, she has taken to self publishing.  To learn more about her, please visit her site at www.ElyseSalpeter.com; once there, you can read more about her and her collection of entertaining works.

The Hunt for Xanadu is receiving wonderful, 5 Star reviews and is attracting a wide range of readers including young adults.  The writing style is lively and the story compelling as one reviewer, Frank Tuttle, states:

"In this modern-day thriller slash fantasy epic slash romance novel, heroine Kelsey Porter's motivations seem simple enough, at first. Kelsey sets out to murder the man who killed her parents and brutalized her when she was a child.

But along the way, Kelsey comes face to face with beings from Buddhist mythology, and it's then that the novel really takes off.

Finding fantasy elements based on a real-world belief system is a refreshing change from the usual recycled vamps-n-demons trappings. Salpeter weaves these elements into the narrative skillfully, giving the tale a truly unique tone and making for some surprising twists.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! More Kelsey Porter, please"

I'm sure I'll be reading and recommending her books for some time to come.  Please take a minute to see what she's created: Amazon  -  eReaderRecon  -  Facebook

Amazon $4.02

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Book Blast Special Promotion $0.99 Sale

A Book Blast Promo has pushed The Living Hunger into Amazon's Top 100 in both the War and Apocalyptic Genres.  Thanks to everyone who has helped the novel finish the year strong.  I look forward to the release of Book #2 in the series...watch here for more information.

Click Above for Link to Amazon

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Author Alliance Book Review

Joseph Spuckler, an Author Alliance Reviewer, recently read and reviewed The Living Hunger.  You can read his review below or follow the link to their main page for verification and other helpful reviews:

The Living Hunger by Dennis Larsen is a post apocalyptic novel. Larsen grew up in the shadow of Hill Air Force Base. He has worked as an optometrist for the past twenty-six years. This is his third novel.
The Living Hunger is a realistic post-apocalypse adventure, meaning no zombies which is a refreshing change of pace. War was worldwide and complete. Nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons were used. People now live in little pocket communities scraping together and trying to survive. Some people have not settled into communities and look to join or just continue on their way. Most communities are out for their survival and hope to peacefully exist with others. In Utah, one community in particular run by Don Bullock is out for more. He wants control and supplies and will stop at nothing to get them. Bullock has a professional killer in Solomon, an African who has been killing since he was a teen, and a group of soldiers who, for a rather gruesome reason, earned the title of “Harvesters”. The good guys are lead by army veteran Sergeant Farrell Jenson a veteran of the next Korean conflict, and he provides the leadership example for the people of Bear River High School community. Jenson’s brother Rodney, Mel Ghostkeeper their medic, Clayton and Cory, who provide some comic relief, and remains of the Allen family make up the core characters.
The effects of the war have caused problems for the survivors. One of the biggest problems they face is the future survival of mankind. There have been no live, or rather survivable births in the last three years. There is hope from a lab in Colorado that the aftereffects of the chemical and biological warfare might be cured. Now it becomes a matter of which side will get the cure and which side will prevail in the war for freedom or for power.
Larsen writes a believable story of a possible future war. The effects of the warfare seem plausible. Most readers will not have a problem with suspension of disbelief in the story. As a Marine veteran, I did find a detail or two caught my attention, but they either worked well in the story or were not important enough to effect the story. The characters work well together and are all very well developed. The reader may not like the character, but the reader will understand the character and the reason for his actions. The times are grim and there is no “off time”. If you let your guard down, you may not live to regret it. The survivors face real world problems and have real world setbacks. There are no Deus ex machina in this novel.
There are plenty of action novels on the market and most try to go over the top or create super human heroes to carry out the story. Here the people are all very human and all have their failings. Some actions may be seen as heroic, but nothing that is unbelievable. The story is well written and flows smoothly without any jumps in logic. The Living Hunger has all that you would expect in this type of novel. There is plenty of action, strategy, and twists. There is also the day to day dealings of the characters that help keep the story realistic and interesting. A very good read for fans of realistic post-apocalyptic novels.
Book Review by Joseph Spuckler

The Living Hunger is on sale for a few more days before it returns to its regular price of $2.99.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Dead Body, Black Magic, and a Vampire Enforcer...

Could you ask for anything more?  This series, The Guardian Witch, is growing in popularity and has been very well received by readers around the world.  The author, Ally Shields, strikes a chord with so many lovers of Urban Fantasy and we are pleased to host her newest title as the 'In The Crosshairs' featured book for the next few days.

Blood and Fire, #4 in the series, is Amazon Rated 4.5 stars with readers reporting the following:

"Just as good as the ones before! I love the series. The characters are so strong,even the secondary characters like the weretigers are believable and interesting. I can't wait for more of about Aly and Andreas story and the fight to come against the 0 Seven! Hurry Ally I can't wait" --Tracy LeVieux (Amazon Reader)

Another 5 Star Amazon Reviewer:
"Blood and Fire was a very enjoyable story. I loved the characters the author created and the world in which they lived. Ari is a guardian and a witch who is romantically involved with the vampire prince Andreas. Together they have great chemistry and magic to help them protect their people. Ari is working with a human cop named Ryan to investigate the murder of a TV personality looking for some kind of artifact. Not only does Ari need to find the murderer but she needs to figure out what type of artifact was being sought after in order to bring peace to her community. Because she is not the only one looking for this artifact. On top of all that she is involved with Andreas and his battle to figure out why the O-Seven has sent an enforcer to Canada and to put things in place to protect his people. The story has everything a reader needs to keep them interested from the very beginning. All the secondary characters are well developed and play an important role in the story. Ally Shields does a great job with this book. I haven't read any of the first ones in this series and I never had any problems with following the story or characters. I enjoyed this world Ally created and will definitely be looking to read more of her work. Highly recommend" --Dsaraceni

 Visit our main page for more information and links to this exciting series!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Author Interview by Su Williams

I recently did an interview with fellow author, Su Williams.  She was kind enough to post the exchange on her blog.  In the coming days I will be posting some information about her latest release, Dream Weaver, which I'm sure many of you will find entertaining and interesting.

Interview Link

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Sale - Goodreads Giveaway - Free Bonus

I am sponsoring a giveaway on Goodreads.com this coming week.  Sign up with the link below to win an Autographed Copy of the novel.  In conjunction with the giveaway I am also offering the digital version for just $0.99, a $2.00 savings, and there's more.  Purchase a copy of The Living Hunger and use the Smashwords' Coupon Code Link, located to the right on this blog, to download a FREE copy of The Raven Falconer Chronicles: Operation Z-Day.  Enter the code at checkout for your free copy.
This is our way of saying thank you to the many supporters who have helped make 2013 a successful year for our sites, our books and our new friendships.
(We are testing out the honor system: Please do not download the free bonus if you have not purchased The Living Hunger. Thanks)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Living Hunger by Dennis F. Larsen

The Living Hunger

by Dennis F. Larsen

Giveaway ends December 19, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win

Monday, December 9, 2013

Aftermath of an Incurable Virus - Hope's Legacy #1

I recently came across a writer who must share my brain.  She has produced a novel, After the End, which speaks to my heart and explores many of the avenues that I find so thrilling to write about.  She is creative in her own right and writes with a flow that I know you'll enjoy.  The book is currently only available in paperback but I'm confident it will also be downloadable in the near future for your Kindle or Kobo.
This is one I will certainly be adding to my collection of post-viral thrillers.  You can visit her Amazon sale's page below or her Facebook site, as well.  We are also hosting her as our Administrator's Choice on eReaderRecon for the next few days.  Watch for great things from this young writer.



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Murder is a Family Affair - True Story

At the present time I have a very interesting book featured on eReaderRecon.com.  A true story of a family's involvement in murder through the generations and not told by some third party but a family member, Donalie Beltran.  This is the stuff movies are made of and you have a chance to read this gripping story for only a few dollars.  Click the link below to go directly to Amazon or follow the highlighted text above to see more links and information about this 5.0 Star Rated Indie Author Success Story.

Amazon $6.92

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Karynne Summars' Gripping Suspense Novel

A friend of mine has recently published a first rate novel entitled Desperate Pursuit in Venice.  I wanted to give a shout out to Karynne today and wish her the best on the heels of this excellent new release.  I have it featured on my sister site, eReaderRecon and you can read the synopsis there or go directly to Amazon with the pictured link below.  I'm currently reading this one myself and will post a review once I've completed the manuscript.

Amazon $2.99