Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Living Hunger Sequel - Getting There

Just wanted to post a quick update before the craziness of Thanksgiving hits and I have no time.  The Living Hunger Part 2 is moving along nicely (50% complete).  The introduction of new characters, as well as furthering the story of book 1 survivors has been a challenging, but rewarding.  Some of the new players lend themselves well to the 'flavor' of the series, while taking us in a slightly different direction.  I can't say much yet, but I think readers of the first installment will be satisfied with the way the story plays out and comes to a shattering conclusion.

Thanks for your patience and support.  The writing should be done before Christmas, opening the door for editing and publication for very early 2015.  I have a number of really unique ideas for the new year, which I'm researching now.  A new title will be available Holiday Season 2015 and the Second Edition of With Cruel Intent will also be available mid 2015.


 May you all have a truly amazing Thanksgiving with loved ones and friends.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

'because' a Novel to Inspire

I was recently contacted by the author of because, a new release that is featured on my Indie Author site, and asked to spread the word about his book.  I am happy to do so.  It has struck a chord with me, as I've recently been diagnosed with some significant back issues, forcing me to walk with a cane.  I pray it's a temporary condition but the prognosis suggests otherwise.  Anyway, this book offers hope for the disabled and will help readers gain a greater perspective on life's challenges and how we face and overcome these trials.

The book is highly rated with a nice start up the Amazon charts.  Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with Jack A. Langedijk's work: because

Amazon $6.97
Amazon 5 Star Reviews:

"I had the pleasure of Beta reading this work. I highly recommend this story to everyone of every age and every background. It has something special that will make everyone just a little better for having read it.

Robert Sanchez is a man who has it all, while living all his dreams to the fullest, his professional life is one that reaches others and truly has impact, his wife is the love of his life and his support, his daughter completes him as they encourage each others to reach the stars, a tragic accident threatens it all.

My favorite thing about this story is how it shows impact.. the impact of words, the impact of mental exercise,the impact your words can have on others unknowingly. With Great character interaction and a thrilling journey, this story will leave you feeling enlightened and encouraged." -- Sandra Ferrara

"Who is Robert Sanchez, and what is his problem? This is the question I asked myself throughout the book. The more I discovered about Robert, the more these questions became my own personal and introspective journey. As a special education resource teacher I know all too well that we are all handicapped in some ways, just as we are talented in other ways. Understanding this is the key to happiness. This is the spiritual evolution discussed in the ‘Celestine Prophesies’. ‘Because’ is an inspirational journey that is sure to lead to enlightenment for all who take that path. ‘Because’ is both the answer, and the question to better self-understanding and happiness." -- Shawn Smyth

Visit the author's site and learn more about him at

Friday, November 14, 2014

Single Mothers Raising Sons, A Guide

Dr. William James has recently published a useful manual for single mothers, who find themselves raising boys through some very difficult years.  The book is new but already moving quickly up the Amazon charts as a favorite in its genre.

With Single Mothers Raising Sons in a Fatherless Home, Dr. William James brings his experience to bear upon the serious topic of boys being raised in homes in which a father is not present. He knows all too well, that absent a strong male presence in their lives to show them what our society expects of a man, to teach them how to stand-up to everyday challenges and succeed, and to model the type of behavior that leads to dignity, respect, resiliency and honor, that young boys are susceptible to seek belongingness and self-identity by means often associated with poor-decision making and affiliation with peer groups that engage in anti-social behavior and activity.

Here in this report, Dr. James presents the actual stories of real mothers and their sons. Each story deals with a different stage of a boy's life and development, illustrates the challenges that go along with those stages,includes deep and honest discussion as to what went wrong and why, and then follows-up with insight and strategies for taking pro-active measures to get ahead of these issues before they become reality.

As a mother of a son in a fatherless home, or even if you just know of someone in this situation and care enough to want to make a difference, reading this report is the first step to getting involved.

Amazon $1.99
I was raised in a home by a single mother for many years.  She gave of herself in ways that astonish me to this very day.  We lost her many years ago, at the young age of 60.  She was a remarkable woman with insurmountable challenges, but somehow she managed to raise four boys, who reverence her as the single major factor in their success.  This 27-page guide strikes a chord with me and I'm sure it will assist any woman who needs some added help.

Recommended by

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Zombies with a Biblical Twist

Amazon's new surge in short novellas continues with the release of Gregory P. Wolk's The Dead S.I.T.E. in October 2014.  The author takes a unique look at turning a Biblical theme on its head, writing a Zombie Apocalypse story with a flavor you'd never imagine.  The characters are well written, the story is original, and its consumable in a short period of time.  Readers are loving these short, read-in-an-afternoon tales and Greg delivers exactly that with this title.

The reviews are in and they are overwhelming positive.  Take a look below:

"I've read many of Greg's other works, but this book is one of my top favorites. If you love zombies, sci-fi, and biblical destruction, don't pass up this gem. I loved reading this story, for one, because whenever I thought I knew where the plot was going, Greg would sweep the rug from under me and take me somewhere completely different. The plot and concept is genius, unique, and refreshing. As Phoenix (the leader) and the rest of his crew escape their own planet's zombie apocalypse, they are divinely thrust into another's to stop it. Seth is a fantastic character and it was crazy to see him mirror Jesus' own biblical actions to help stop the apocalypse. This book has it all; great characters, action, sex, humor, and zombies. Straight up awesome." -- Jamie

Amazon $0.99

"Truly, this mind blowing book is top-notch. It blasted off with a captivating chapter which lie in wait for unaware readers to keep them captive to the very end, of which I am chief. The integration of biblical concepts in this Zombie apocalypse commands interest and enthusiasm when reading the book. Unquestionably, the lead characters are skillfully fashioned. The exciting twists and turns were perfectly planted. They intensified my interest and bloomed curiosity non-stop. I enjoyed every nanosecond of this intriguing book. Thumbs up to Gregory P. Wolk for such a magnificent tale!" -- Nickalous

"Wow, this articulate author has crafted an exciting tale that revolves around a Child chosen to save mankind. The planet is plunge in to chaos due to the dawn of zombies. The story line glided consistently with diverse twists and turns. The characters were top-notch. The author uses a unique style of writing which is utterly captivating. I dared not to remove my eyes from this magnificent page-turner. It moved so fast I could barely keep up. Unmistakably, this book waves an epic battle unlike any I have ever seen before. Thumbs up!" -- Nita

Highly recommended read by!