Friday, May 30, 2014

A John Twait Mystery

I recently purchased a new mystery by Anthony Rehor and I'd like to recommend it to you.  It's an easy and entertaining read with great characterization and a plot that will engage mystery lovers.  Be prepared for a bit of grown up fun between the book's covers.

Amazon $1.99

John and Sarah Twait are living the retirement life to its fullest. Escaping death just weeks before their last day at the Hillsville Police Department the aging couple now has a different lookout on life. Clambakes, and relaxing nights on the beach are penciled in for the couple’s foreseeable future. The aging retired couple have a do nothing life, where coffee and beer are in perpetual rotation. A relaxing atmosphere and an open afternoon make for a healthy relationship environment. The harmony is slowly rebuilding in their blistering relationship and finally the Twaits may be honorable.
The burning hot Bermuda sun has changed the pale Nebraska raised Sarah Twait into a gorgeous golden goddess and John Twait is loving every minute of it. He would let nothing come between him and his cowgirl. John, softened by the constant beer intake and lack of an alarm clock, continues his lust for women. Although he puts forth less effort to chase them, so long as Sarah remains by his side. Intimacy and love has returned with a vengeance and the time could not be worse for an alarming phone call from back home. Hillsville Nebraska has a problem that only John Twait can solve. Half-heartedly, he packs a bag to save an old friend.
John and Sarah’s erotic wishes are on hold. They must take with them their rekindled love hoping the flame continues to burn in a cold Nebraskin winter. Mike Yeager, John’s replacement as Hillsville Chief of Police, is in trouble. The Twaits’ young friend is being held on the charge of first degree murder in the death of Rose Tiddle, John Twait’s former mistress.
The evidence only leads to one prime suspect. Micheal Yeagger has been demoted from Hillsville Police Chief to a common county jail thug. With their friend's life in danger John reluctantly returns to Hillsville to save the day to continue his retirement.
Follow the former Chief as he tries to unweave a mystery woven in betrayal and deceit.

Operation Z-Day FREE May 30-31

The first episode of The Raven Falconer Chronicles is FREE May 30-31!
Get started: meet the characters, learn the lay of the land and discover who Nathan Edwards.  Not your typical viral pandemic story - no people dying and coming back to life - read what really could happen.

Monday, May 26, 2014

TFRC - A Trio of Amazon Reviews

Amazon reader, Ally McMahon, has published three reviews, one for each of the serials that make up The Raven Falconer Chronicles.  They are posted here for your consideration:

"Operation Z-Day from the Raven Falconer Chronicles is an action packed suspense filled post apocalyptic zombie thriller. Author Dennis Larsen surpasses expectations with this captivating and alluring story of the fight against a virus spreading and destroying the minds of all who contract the virus turning them into zombies fueled only by basic instincts. Although steps are taken to stop the spread of this virus it is too late. Millions are now infected. Here we join the main characters in the fight of their lives.

This book in the series sets the background and the story line firmly in place. The characters are well developed and I find myself eager to get onto the next book to find out how this will play out.

For an exciting and intense zombie experience I highly recommend it."

" Rise of the Huskers is the second installment in the Raven Falconer Chronicles. Having greatly enjoyed the first book in the series (Operation Z-Day) I was happily surprised to find that Author Dennis Larsen outdoes himself again with Rise of the Huskers. Here we are presented with the same lovable characters in the fight of their lives against zombie like humans that have now developed a pack mentality. Raven and her friends must struggle, improvise and fight for their survival, resources and to maintain their health and security.

I enjoyed Larsen’s ability to maintain an element of suspense and thrills amidst lust greed and raw truth. I also enjoyed Larsen’s ability to paint with words vivid scenery that brings the story fully to life. I highly recommend it!"

"Vengeance Fulfilled is the third installment in the Raven Falconer Chronicles. Having read the other two books in the series (Operation Z-Day and Rise of the Huskers) I could not wait to sink my teeth into this book and find out how everything works out. Author Dennis Larsen delivers again with the same skills I have come to appreciate in his writing. Here we are presented with the survivors’ ability to fight back and attempt to gain control of their fate and extract the vengeance that has been building inside them from the beginning. This is an excellent portrayal of an exciting and exhilarating adventure of the human spirit and its will for survival and retribution. While this is an ending complete and satisfying, I hope to see more of Raven and her friends in the future. Highly recommended!"

Being an Indie Author, I can't tell you how vital book reviews are to the sustained success of a book.  I truly appreciate those who take their time to not only read the work but then write a constructive review.  Thanks - Dennis F. Larsen

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Instagram Marketing for Beginners

Amazon $5.00

Jenny Li's book is one of the most useful items I've ever helped promote.  The information is accurate, timely and easy to follow.  It's no wonder that with 19 reviews it stands at 4.8 Stars on Amazon.  I was not aware had such a vast following - 150 million users.  Tapping into such a huge resource would be beneficial for anyone with a product - authors take note.  Ms. Li takes the reader step-by-step through the process of building a loyal following.  I highly recommend this book and I'm working to implement the principles myself - watch for future updates on my Instagram successes.

Synopsis: Published February 2014
Do you know Instagram has 150 million users per month? Are you taking advantage of this free social network to market your products? Do you know Instagram has a different demographics than Facebook?

Instagram has been one of the biggest social networks. If you are considering using Instagram to promote or market your business, you need to know the mindset of your followers and how to build a relationship with them, and how to get more followers.

*** It doesn't matter how wonderful your product is or how much effort you spent on marketing when you don't have real, good followers. ***

This book provides specific insights from followers as to what they like or, even more importantly, what they don’t like. It also includes interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have thousands or tens of thousands of followers regarding how they build relationships with their followers, and how they promote their businesses on Instagram.

Amazon 5 Star Review by Laura Scott:
"I was skeptical about buying this book, because there are so many people out there selling fake follower services and books about strategies that only work temporarily. Being a business owner and freelance designer, it is extremely important for me to have a great public image, and I always thought that having more followers was important. Thanks to this book I've learned what is truly important, and exactly how to get it: quality followers!

When I found this book I was extremely happy to find that it was filled with very useful information, and not a bunch of nonsense that wasn't going to help me gain followers. I especially loved the chapter that covers the "lingo" of Instagram. Through my friends and Google, I have figured out a few of the hashtag meanings, but there are so many that I didn't recognize. Another aspect about hashtags that I didn't understand was how to make my own. I always just went with the flow of using hashtags of whatever came to mind. For example, if it was a picture of a kitten, I'd think: #kitten #kitty #cute #adorable etc. After reading this book, I'll definitely be redefining the way I look at hashtags.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone, whether you're a business owner or someone looking for more information about Instagram. The author is extremely insightful into how Instagram works and she will definitely get you more quality followers!"

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Elite Indie Reads Review

Writer Hannah Jones has posted a nice review of my book, Rise of the Huskers, in her Hannah's Picks section of eReaderRecon.  You can read a condensed version of the review below or click her logo to read the entire posting.

"No, Dennis did not pay me or bribe me in any way to rate his books well.  I'm simply a BIG fan. Here's the thing: it's hard to be so polished, so entertaining and so unique without a professional editor, but Larsen brought it with this second installment, and it is all of those things and more.

This second installment of the Chronicles is much more disturbing than the first, which set up the back story of the heroine and her group of friends so well that I really cared about what happened to them in this book and was truly invested in their lives and struggles, emotional and physical. We get to see the girls in their weakest and strongest moments in this book, which draws some complexity into them and endears them more to me.

I also really appreciate the complexity of the huskers in this installment. We get to see the undead point of view and it's not as easy as it seems to be in the stale themes we see on the tv and read in so many zombie books. I love that Larsen added these other elements to bring the zombie novel up to par.  This author is a must read in thriller, suspense, drama and adult fiction. I highly recommend this book and all books by Larsen. I read this book in a matter of hours, and I read the first book just as quickly." - HM Jones (May 2014)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Private Investigator, Vellian Mystery

Author Grant Reed has written a wonderful mystery complete with miniature pet dragon and lots of laughs.  Reviews are plentiful and all very positive, pulling down all 5 Star reviews on  If you enjoy a light, fun-hearted read that will speak to your lighter side, then this is the series for you.  Check out book #1, Welcome to Deep Cove, below:

Amazon $3.99

At thirty-one, Garrett Willigins has finally earned his private investigator’s badge. Unfortunately, the bills haven’t stopped coming and building a solid reputation won’t happen overnight. Forced to take employment wherever they can, Garrett and his miniature dragon partner Merle, must dirty their hands any way possible to make a buck. Shoveling manure, chasing cats, and dock duty seem to be the order of the day.
Working off back rent for a notorious gangster isn’t the safest of jobs on a good day, but when the other workers start turning up dead, Garrett finds himself elbow deep in a mystery that could spell a quick end to his short P.I. career.

Amazon 5 Star Review by Monica LaSarre:
" I loved this book! The author, Grant Reed, has created an action-packed story filled with some really lovable and funny characters. Creative and delightful to the core, this first book in what hopefully the author will continue as a series is reminiscent of a combination of A Confederacy of Dunces and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, with dragons.

My favorite aspect of this book is the author’s exquisite descriptions of the action and landscapes of the story. His ability in crafting descriptive, but not boring, prose is a gift that he displays in this book and is the mark of a true storyteller. I was able to vividly conjure up images of the characters and setting in a way that added to the intrigue and engagement I felt while reading. Mr. Reed also did a fine job of weaving together several equally-fascinating story lines into a tale that is rich, humorous and a delight to read.
Though full of whimsy and fantastical enough to capture the hearts of any younger reader, the humor and politics that are silver linings to this tale will be best received by adult readers.

For the fast-paced, engaging plot and the cross-genre appeal of this unique story, I give this book a much-deserved 5 stars. Mr. Reed, please let us hear from your pen again soon."

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Military Fiction from Richard Turner

Fellow Edmontonian writer and friend, Richard Turner, has released his sequel to Goliath.  Read the synopsis below and explore Amazon's page for this action packed thriller.

Amazon $3.99
1945 - with the Soviets preparing to invade Japan's northern islands, a top-secret military installation rushes to erase any sign that it ever existed. Only they aren't through enough and a secret from the past returns to threaten the present. 
Present day, a routine close protection assignment in Washington, D.C. for former special operations soldier Ryan Mitchell and his team suddenly turns deadly. Drawn into a lethal game in which the balance of power in Asia could forever turn threatening the lives of millions, Mitchel races to stop shadowy forces and their murderous agenda before all is lost. From war-torn Japan, to the jungles of Columbia, to Washington D.C. to the deserts of Mongolia, to Texas the fight for survival is on.
Update on The Raven Falconer Chronicles:
Sold the first copies in Australia this week.  It's great to see the book reaching readers worldwide.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Raven Falconer Chronicles Review

E. Lucas, an Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer, recently posted the following 5 Star Review of my latest work:

"The Raven Falconer Chronicles" is a zombie apocalypse novel set in the wilds of Canada, where aspiring author Raven has taken a vacation to a cabin to get some writing done (ironically, it's a novel about zombies).

Unfortunately for Raven, her friends, and her family, what seems like a figment of imagination is about to become reality--a deadly virus is sweeping Canada, and if the victim survives, all higher brain function is shut down, leaving them only with a violent, lusting hunger. However, these aren't your average shambling zombies--they form packs and are capable of both cunning and cruelty for sport, and those led by biathlon Nathan Edwards are the scariest of all. Raven's three roommates risk life and limb to get out of the city and to her, and their troubles are just beginning, as they must fend off both those who have turned and those who haven't but are power hungry in the wake of the fall of civilization, including the volatile self-appointed chief of a Native American tribe.

I love horror, and the zombie subgenre is one of my favorites because it has so many possibilities for creativity in plot. "The Raven Falconer Chronicles" not only puts a new twist on the zombie book, but is exceptionally well-written and action-packed. I liked the idea of zombies who could be kept fairly docile if they're fed--but who seem to evolve over time and exhibit mindful evil, which is much scarier than an undead creature who is just driven by a need for flesh. The fact that they organized under a leader made it even more chilling.

The other high points of this novel are the characters and the setting."


View more reviews.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Achieve Anything in Just One Year

Writer, motivational speaker, and life-coach, Jason Harvey, has put his years of experience into the making of one fantastic book.  Achieve Anything in Just One Year is one of those self-help books that you'll read again and again.  The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of people set on a path of self-fulfillment and stress-free living.

Jason contacted me and brought his work to my attention and I'm truly impressed.  Please take a minute to read some of the reviews that stood out to me but there are dozens more if you want to get a feel for what this book has to offer.

Amazon Reviewer Emma K. - 5 Stars:
"A very inspirational book that nurtures the body to do things the mind wants it to do. The day by day accounts and advice help the reader interact with the book itself. Mr. Harvey's book is spectacular. The simplicity of it is its most attractive aspect; Harvey uses quotes from people that overcame adversity to emphasize his idea. This is a very special book of its kind. This book not only gives advice but it also gives assignments to carryout your desires. I would recommend this book to everybody that wants to do something but are too lazy to do it."

Amazon $8.95
 Amazon Reviewer Diane L. - 5 Stars "True Gen of a Book":
"I really liked this book a lot. I was expecting a good motivational read but the author goes a step further and really hits the ball out of the park.
Inside you’ll find a great beginning and then 365 motivational lessons follow. This is an excellent way to get on track (and stay on track) to achieve your goals.
I liked the layout and plan every morning to read one day’s lesson. The book isn’t calendar based-in other words, you do not start Day One on January one.
This book is a true gem and well worth every cent.
I think it would also make an excellent gift."

Amazon Reviewer A. Martin - 5 Stars:
" This book allows the reader to directly interact with the author. The author teaches the reader how to believe in themselves
The advice the author gives is very practical and can be applied in daily life.This book motivates its readers to do the things they never imagined themselves doing. Jason Harvey does superb job in using quotes from famous people to try and inspire the reader.
The 365 lessons Harvey gives to the reader can be compared to a brand new car because of its value."

 This book is currently featured on and recommended to all our followers.  Take a look at the following links:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Two Goodread Giveaways

I have two of my novels entered as Goodreads Giveaways from May 6 to 14.  It's free and easy to enter, simply follow the links below - good luck:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Raven Falconer Chronicles by Dennis F. Larsen

The Raven Falconer Chronicles

by Dennis F. Larsen

Giveaway ends May 14, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Living Hunger by Dennis F. Larsen

The Living Hunger

by Dennis F. Larsen

Giveaway ends May 14, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Friday, May 2, 2014

The Complete Raven Falconer Chronicles - NOW!

Yes, after months of writing and editing, The Raven Falconer Chronicles is available in either episodic form (1-3) or as a single volume.  The Perfect Bound Version will be available in a few days.  I'm very pleased with the surge of interest shown with the release of Vengeance Fulfilled.  Last weekend 3200 copies of Operation Z-Day were downloaded, which has prompted a slew of sales for the next two episodes.  Thank you, readers.

The new cover, created by my pal, Sean Strong, is as creative as ever.  He never disappoints.  If you haven't jumped into the thick of the fray there's no better time to start.

Amazon $2.99

I'm shifting gears, leaving the 'Huskers' alone for a time and returning to Farrell, Rod and Jeff in the land of The Living Hunger.  The second part of their story has been taking shape in my head for months and I'm now ready to get it down on paper.  I hope to have the next installment completed by the end of July 2014.  Believe me, you'll have no idea who will live and what life-altering events will take place to shape the 'new' West.  Watch here for updates and sneak peeks.