Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A True Story of Pornography Addiction

We'd like to recommend a true story for our followers, FORSAKE ME NOT by Damian and Rachel Caprice.  It is a harrowing tale of sexual addiction that touched their family and interrupted their road to happiness.  Far too many families are being dragged into this sad, destructive lifestyle and we wanted to draw attention to the issue by highlighting this book.  It is available on all the retail sites, including Amazon and Smashwords.  It's only been available just this afternoon, so take a look and share with anyone who may be in need of support and/or help.

Amazon 5 Star Review by Lesley H.

"Honest and Compelling:
Pornography, although its use is virulent, is still very much a taboo subject. When people use porn, in the main, they like to keep it to themselves. That's why, from the outset, I thought the author of this book was very brave in telling his story. Porn often seems like harmless fun but, as the author shows in this touching and brutally honest account of porn addiction, its effects can be devastating; not only on the user of pornography but on their families.

Wonderfully well written, Forsake Me Not is a compelling and at times disturbing read that will make you question the accepted role of pornography in today's society. The book also provides great advice for dealing with porn addiction if you are currently experiencing problems.

All in all, this is a fascinating account of one man's struggle with this all too common addiction, and a great resource for those who are trapped in its grip."

Amazon $3.99 (New Release)

A True Story of Pornography Addiction and Its Tragic Consequences.

Pornography does not knowingly select its followers, nor does it seem to care the age or sex of the ensnared victims. It casts a wide net, capturing and reeling in all who cannot break free from its web of sultry images and hidden lies. Forsake Me Not recounts a 45-year struggle for one of porn's many casualties, Damian Caprice.

As a young boy he fell prey to this insidious plague, and battled it through a lifetime of deceit. Pornography addiction forced Damian to shelter his obsession from family and friends, successfully doing so for three decades of mental anguish. In this deeply personal tale, the author shares his thoughts, feelings, and regrets, dating back to the age of free love and the sexual revolution.

Damian and Rachel Caprice's 35-year marriage is scarred by years of sexual addiction. Their journey has been littered with turmoil, soul-rending hurt, and broken trust. However, their tale is one of hope and healing for individuals and families affected by porn's ever expanding reach. Through their words realize freedom and redemption are possible, and look to the future. Success truly is measured in trying...just one more time than you've failed.

The book chronicles their history and relationship, including the strategies they used to overcome the addiction. The Caprice's are not sexual therapists, but they are two people who found their love strong enough to bring them back from the brink of disaster. As further help, there is a summation of pornography myths and resourceful, online links for addicts, family members, and even children with addictive behaviors.

The battle against pornography addiction is grueling. Still, it is a fight worth waging and the rewards are plentiful. Download this insightful story, drawing on the restorative powers of love and forgiveness, and begin the process of healing today.

Visit Smashwords for all formats.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Love Story With Heart

I recently purchased a book that tackles the tough issue of violence against women and date-rape.  It is handled with finesse and understanding by Author Mary Crawford.  So the Heart Can Dance is a tender story of young friendship that develops into something more, while helping to heal a woman's soul.  It is a read that will touch your heart -- be ready with the tissues.

Read more below and follow the link:

Amazon $3.99

So the Heart Can Dance
A Hidden Beauty Novel: Book #2

For most, between birth and death, lies years of hope, family, and love.  However, along that winding road that leads from one to the other, sometimes the unthinkable mars the journey, perpetuating heartache and unending despair.  Tara Isamu, a dancer blessed with grace and elegance, lives a remarkable life.  She sees her future as joyful and bright...but that all changes in an instant, when a single, rage-filled act of violence steals her innocence.

Tara’s dreams are suddenly, and irreversibly shattered, turning her emotions and talents inward, where she harbors a secret that has seemingly blemished her soul.  She is left in darkness until a chance meeting with an old friend opens the door to healing and love.  Aidan O’Brien and Tara’s relationship is borne of youthful exuberance and tempered in the foundry of tragedy.  Together, they walk a difficult path, one that heals through understanding and acceptance.

So the Heart Can Dance is a love story, written with deep meaning for anyone who has endured life-altering misfortune that leaves behind unseen, yet very real scars. Read it as a celebration of the soul’s ability to overcome the worst of life’s challenges.  It will lift, inspire and breathe hope into the most painful experiences, and teach us all...we can surely dance again.

Please Note: Throughout 2015 the author will donate 15% of gross profits to RAINN, a national charity dedicated to stopping sexual assault and abuse.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Devil's Fox - An Abolute Delight

I recently read a wonderful book by first-time novelist, George Pollino.  The book, The Devil's Fox, is a magical, fantasy tale with a blend of action, adventure and Japanese lore.  Believe me it's quite a story.  My review is posted below, but for a buck you can't go wrong - download this book!

The Devil’s Fox
By George Pollino
Review by Dr. Dennis F. Larsen

Ten pages into this extraordinary novel, I had to stop and research the author.  I couldn’t believe this was the work of a first time novelist...but it appears my keen sense of ‘judging an author’s writing age by his work’ was badly misguided.  Mr. Pollino is a freelance writer, which made me feel a bit better, however, this is his first full-length novel.  Personally, I love to stumble upon a book like this, penned by someone without a big name, and have it blow me out of the water.  This was absolutely the case here.

The story captured my imagination from the very start and kept me enthralled for days, as I found moments, of all too rare time, to consume it.  Quite frankly, I’ve never read anything like it.  The tale effortlessly mixes the old with the new, blending characters from different eras together seamlessly, even as the author bounces back and forth from present day to past junctures in time.  In this, I have learned something and Pollino has inspired me with his skill.

Amazon $0.99

To the story: it is a blend of fictional genre’s I often read, but never in the same volume.  I was surprised throughout the text at how well he weaved fantasy and reality.  I soon found myself believing in Kitsunes, picturing Akane, an ancient, shape shifter, who seeks a soul of her own.  Her tale is beautifully intertwined throughout the book, in the most captivating way.  The imagery was impeccable; leading me to believe the writer has spent time in the orient.  If not, he has certainly done his homework.

I appreciated the depth of character he draws from his players.  The humans were beautifully flawed and so real that I saw myself somehow joined at the hip with the scientist, Nikolai, and his blind friend, Thomas, who happens to be a priest.  I thought the pairing was odd but fitting to the narrative.  On that point, the dialogue was delivered so matter-of-factly I could nearly hear what was being said – in my estimation the mark of true talent.

To delve deeply into the heart of the plot, in this review, would be to deny the reader the thrill of discovery and satisfaction, obtained one page at a time.  As the author himself has said, “it is a spellbinding story that will wrench your soul and touch your heart.  A literary tapestry entwined with vivid characters, a riveting plot and luxurious voice.”  To this I will add my own voice and say, “Amen”.

I will be recommending this book to my family and friends...and to you.  Beautifully written, edited, and imagined – it is a book for the ages and one I will read again.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tired of Zombies? Sink Your Teeth Into New Breed - Huskers!

Book #1, Operation Z-Day, of The Raven Falconer Chronicles is FREE for the next five days.  This is a three-part series that is available as standalone episodes or in a complete volume.  A 'zombie' theme but not in the traditional sense: a virus alters mankind but with realistic results: no coming back from the dead with a penchant for brains.  The undead here are altered to the basic of human survival skills, but they learn, they adapt, and they unite.  If you're looking for something 'real' and frightening, this is the series for you.

Try book one for FREE and see what you think.  Set against the backdrop of beautiful Banff, Alberta, follow four female roommates as they battle the horde.  Operation Z-Day sets the stage and book #2, Rise of the Huskers, follows up with non-stop mayhem and death.

FREE April 8-12

Amazon 5 Star Reviews:
"Raven and her friends are fun, interesting and well fleshed out. Pun intended (you'll get it when you read the books). Their dreadful adventure is fast-paced, thrilling and keeps you guessing. This is like no other apocalyptic work. Larsen knows what came before him, and he plays with well known themes while making his own unique story. His first book is a fun take on themes that needed a new, interesting voice. Well paced, interesting read that this reader really enjoyed. I give this book about apocalypse, friendship, love, and endurance despite the odds: 5 out of 5 Opinionated Zombies or stars." -- ReadersUnite

"If you have a thing for zombie books, if you loved the movie "Zombieland" or the TV series "The Walking Dead" than you will be mad about "Operation Z-Day (The Raven Falconer Chronicles)" by Dennis Larsen.

Raven and her friends are fun, interesting and well fleshed out. Their dreadful adventure is fast-paced, thrilling and keeps you guessing

Every one of the books in each of his series are different but highly entertaining and once you start one of his books you will not want to stop reading until that last page is turned. I started this book in the morning and before it was bedtime (to my disappointment) I had finished it. It was that difficult to put down. This is one author that will surely become a favorite of yours." -- Frank Edwards

Saturday, April 4, 2015

National Poetry Slam - The Journey

When I first saw the title of this book, Autograph Penis, I was somewhat hesitant to even read the description.  I must ask, "Am I the only one with that reaction?"  Anyway, I was relieved to find it was not literal or the memoirs of a 'porn king', but rather a satirical look of one woman's journey to the National Poetry Slam in Boston.  Who would have known?  I couldn't help chuckling as I read the reviews, which are outstanding.  The author reminds me so much of my third daughter, who is a somewhat nerdy, quirky, out there kind of gal that loves to read and write poetry.  Perhaps it comes with the genetic splicing or the mind set, in any case, the book is unique, with plenty of laughs to carry you from page one to the last in a few short sittings.

I suspect this young writer will have a long and glorious career, filled with more side-splitting moments than she'll ever remember.  Please tell me, she keeps a journal.  Follow the antics of H.O. Tanager (Tanager.com) on her road to Poetry stardom in the pages of her road trip to remember - Autograph Penis, a non-fiction ah, ah...
Find out for yourself and buy this witty, self-recounted piece of poetic history.  I highly recommend it.

Amazon $2.99
And now for the Rave Reviews (of course, all 5 Star):
"H.O. Tanager does with Autograph Penis something I have seen nowhere else: she creates an image of the bar-game-turned-national-sport that is Poetry Slam. Autograph Penis ranges from hilarious to heartbreaking to deeply insightful, all while maintaining a sense of self awareness that immediately recruits the reader. Tanager's creation is accessible to everyone both inside and outside the slam community. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves, or wants to love, poets and poetry." by Ellyn

"H.O. Tanager does it again in her telling of the 2011 National Poetry Slam. No one has quite nailed the magnificent thrill and overwhelming feelings of anxiety that only the sport of Slam embodies, until now. Tanager's ability to combine the brutally honest with the almost magical makes Autograph Penis a go-to read for wit, drama, and many laughs. Her personable journey through the 2011 National Poetry slam is so relatable, I feel as if I were there with her. I mean the crying - it's such a real struggle. You've got to read to get this reference." by Tara

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Easter Weekend Giveaway

Last year my wife published her first children's book - The Marvelous Mind of Marvin Marsh.  It had originally been a touch-and-feel book that was given to me as a birthday gift.  The idea was worked on by my wife and all my children, as a way of signifying my push for them to reach beyond themselves and do something 'outside the box'.  Well, they did and it brought tears to my eyes.  Last year, I encouraged Holly to make it available to anyone who would enjoy it...and she did.  You can't experience the wonder of touching the creatures, but they are unique and special, just the same.

You can download the book this weekend for FREE.  It's a wonderful, easy story for small children to follow along, and the pictures will stimulate imagination and play for children of any age.

Enjoy your Easter Weekend - from our family to yours.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Today's FREE Download Recommendation

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Jean Chu, a remarkable woman, who has, in recent months, written a couple of books that offer assistance to future home and pet owners.  I've featured both before on eReaderRecon.com but today and tomorrow her eBook Tips For Women When Buying Your First Home is FREE!  That's a $5 savings on the front end and potentially thousands on the back end, once you've taken her tips to heart and purchased your first home.

The text is geared specifically for women, who make up a large percentage of the home buyers market.  In recent years they have surpassed single men in the same demographic.  Learn the tricks of the trade, explore mortgage options, choose the right agency, and so much more.  She has really done her homework and you'll reap the rewards of her efforts.

Use the link below to get your free copy and peruse the reviews to see just what others are saying:

FREE Mar 28 & 29
Amazon 5 Star Reviews:
"Really good read for first time home buyers especially for women. The importance of having the right info and mindset when buying a house for women is obvious! Buying a house is a big deal especially for ladies. What stands out in a book in terms of quality is the authorship and obviously this book is an example of a good author who treats the subject well with her own experience. I'd recommend to ladies interested in learning what to look for when buying a house and the process of going thru with it."  -- Susan Diamond

"I found the information in this home buying guide to be very helpful. At some point in my reading I came across a checklist that I made a screen shot of and printed out. There's a lot of good information presented in purely condensed form in this Kindle book on how to buy a house for females. An good read and well worth the read for doing due diligence to avoid mistakes."  -- Joy

A short list of what you’ll master:
• Preparing – taking the first steps
• How to choose a house and neighborhood
• Finding the ‘right’ agent
• Up-to-date mortgage options and rates
• Finance options: creative and diverse…learn them all
• What can you afford
• Learn to initiate and negotiate an offer
• And much, much more…

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The 1*3*5 Diet Plan, $10 Value is FREE Mar 21-22

My friend and writer, Jenny Li, has a new book available for individuals trying to lose weight, while eating larger portions and plenty of meat.  Yes, you read it correctly.  Believe me, after reading the premise I downloaded the book straightaway.  Sounds like just what I need.  She addresses not only recipes, but a lifestyle change to bring down your weight without giving up that 'full' feeling.  The book is packed with useful information and is bursting at the seams with delicious recipes and in-kitchen ideas.  I've already contacted my family members to give it a try - perhaps you should do the same, especially while it's a free download from Amazon.

It's brand new but there are already a couple of nice reviews.  Take a look:

5 Star Amazon Review by Mongoose:
"I love the idea of mixing and matching for a healthy meal- something that can be easily done for a meat lover. This book has a lot of practical techniques and a great advice to lose weight, easy and yummy looking dishes - some with Asian flair! The cauliflower crust pizza, garlic shrimp look delicious. Looking forward to try some of these dishes out."

FREE March 21 & 22
 5 Star Amazon Review by Susan Diamond:
"Very good tips on taking baby steps and eating cleaner food to lose weight. The receipt provided by the author looks delicious. I don't mind to eat well and lose weight!"

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

People Behaving Badly by John Ottini

John Ottini is back with a new release eBook of Short Mystery Stories - 13 in all.  I'm suspecting the number '13' is by choice.  The collection looks like it encompasses a murderous collection of human vices, enough to satisfy the most ardent mystery connoisseur.  John's writing style is fluid and will have you curled up in a ball-of-anticipation with each turn of the page.  Each story is just the right length to devour in a single sitting.

Personally, I think the cover is enough reason to buy the book.  I've not seen a cover in some time that I've liked as much as this one.  It is cool!

Here's a brief glimpse into the book...and maybe, even into the mind of John Ottini.

People Behaving Badly is a collection of thirteen short mystery stories exploring the folly of criminal behavior. Welcome to a world filled with strange and quirky characters where murder, vigilantism, jealousy, infidelity, sex, violence and people behaving badly are the norm.

These short mysteries were written as individual bite-size stories that can be devoured in one sitting. Perfect reading for your bus, train or subway commute to work, while you’re waiting at the doctor’s or dentist’s office, having your car serviced, enjoying a latte at your favorite coffee shop, or whenever you have a few minutes of free time.

Amazon $2.99

Stories Include:

Easy Pickings: A cocky thief meets his unexpected match.

Dumpster Rose: The face of murder may not appear evil.

True Confession: A code of ethics which condones murder.

A Shoulder to Die On: A jealous wife discovers more than she bargained for.

Killer Karma: What goes around will more than likely come around.

The Auditor Cometh: What you say, can and will be used against you.

And much more!

SciFi Novel Sale by Mark Brandon Powell

A 1000 years in the future, a remnant of earthly beings inhabit a new planet, with a new way of life.  Magic, very real and powerful, must save them from a new threat.  I love the premise of this book and others written by Mr. Powell.  Today and until March 22 pick up two of his SciFi books for only $0.99.
If you enjoy futuristic tales of good pit against evil, or alien forces, this is a #mustread for you.

Here's the synopsis for Book #1 in the Cypher Theorem Series:

The energy war, the nuclear war, the food war. Earth had been ravaged by them for two centuries, leaving the soil unable to sustain a large population. A hero and leader emerged and took humanity to the stars. The second planet that mankind calls home is named Eden.

Life on Eden didn't start out as it had on Earth, humanity brought technology with them, but Eden had a gift to bestow, magic. It was quickly adapted to everything, and time lead to humanity rebuilding back to its former glory, and beyond.

It has been 1000 years on the new home, and that is where we find Vernon Douglas. He is a high school student who is not blessed with the gift of natural magic. He has to focus through runes for his magic to work, as does a quarter of the population. High school is a nasty place, but for Vernon it is about to end. He has dreams of becoming a Paladin of the Order of Astrum, but he doesn't know how he would ever become noticed to be chosen.

Fate has given him a chance in the form of a magical arts tournament, newly available to high school students. Mixed Magical Arts is a sport that was created to test the limits of magic, while making a game of it. His best friend Duke joins his side, as his firebrand girlfriend Marie cheers him on.

Does Vernon have what it takes to get him through the tournaments?

Is his dream of becoming a Paladin out of his reach, or out of his hands?

Come and follow him through his final year, and find out.

Click on the books to see the Amazon Retail Page:

Amazon $0.99 Sale
Amazon $0.99 Sale

Monday, March 16, 2015

Insider Secrets to Self-Publishing for FREE

I've now self-published three novels and three novellas and still have my hair -- it's now gray, but I still have it.  I wish I would have taken the time to download a resource like this one when I was just beginning.  It would have saved me countless hours of Internet searching and trial-and-error editing.  The author of this helpful manual offers a money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose, should you decide it's not for you.  Take a look and give it a try:

Author Resource Guide

What's inside:
  1. Once you have your book written, whether it’s a science fiction novel, a children’s book, a book of poetry, or a motivational message, you need to lay it out and format it to turn it into a published book. We’ll show you where to get free software that will work perfectly for doing your book layout.
  2. You’ll need to edit the material for grammar and spell checking and we’ll show you where to get free software to perform these functions.
  3. If you need graphics or clipart, we’ll show you where to find all the royalty free graphics you’ll need at no cost.
  4. You’ll need to format the book for standard size book printing so we’ll supply you with the templates so all you have to do is copy your text into the template and it’ll be sized for publication.
  5. You’ll need a cover with graphics, titles, a bar code (for scanning) and an ISBN number for computer identification and inventory categorizing. We’ll show you where to obtain all of these for free along with copyright information and disclaimer copy for the inside front cover.
  6. You’ll need to convert the book and cover to PDF format so we’ll show you where to get the free software to make the conversion.
  7. Once your book and cover are converted, we’ll show you where and how to get a free author’s website, print-on-demand capabilities, add credit card payment and digital download features for free.

'Because' an Inspirational Novel

This past week I finished reading a wonderful novel by Jack A. Langedijk - because.
It is an absolute triumph, written from the heart and filled with insight that will make any reader explore their own circumstances.  I posted a review on Amazon but it's included here:

"I was given a copy of this book quite some time ago, but life got busy and I sat it aside and never got back to it.  I’m kicking myself now, having read it this past week.  I thought perhaps I would write a review, given that I can’t stop thinking about the character’s circumstances and how, to a small degree, some of his challenges mirrored mine.  I have pondered and reflected on the story, which, for me, is the mark of a great book – the ideas, characters, and circumstances stay with me long after I’ve closed the final page.  Because is that kind of a book.

As other reviewers have noted, the tale is a rollercoaster of emotions.  It pulled me in and held me captive from the first to last page.  I found deep meaning to not only his enduring spirit and desire to overcome, but in his hours of despair – he spoke to me.  I will one day pick this book up again – the writer has transformed me for a day, and beyond.

I would recommend this to anyone facing challenges that are binding their spirit or slowing their course along life’s path.  There is real healing in the pages of this timeless story.  I’m glad I took the time to let it impact and change me."
-- 5 Star Review by Dennis F. Larsen (Author and Website Administrator)

Often times reviewers will preface a good review for an Indie or First-time author with the words "for a first novel" and then carry on.  I will not do that here.  This is an exceptional piece of literature regardless of how long you've been writing, and it's worth your time.

Jack currently has the book on sale until March 21st and you can access it here:

On Sale $2.99
You can also enter to win a copy of the book through Goodreads here!  Contest ends March 18th at midnight.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

IT - Information Technology FAQ - The Book

Are you ready for the most exhaustive and comprehensive interview you've ever had?  This is question says so much about the new Book of FAQs - Working in Information Technology.  This is an amazing idea for a book.  It's well thought through, encompassing 400 need-to-know type questions for individuals thinking of entering the IT field.

If I weren't an optometrist, and if the Internet would have been more than just an idea when I was in school, I would have likely ended up in the IT field or game development.  They are areas that draw my attention and foster a degree of passion.  So I spend my days asking, "Which is better, 1 or 2?" but I've not entirely given up on being a part of IT.  I run a website, provide author helps through Fiverr, and communicate with people around the world - sharing information and making new friends.

I was so pleased the author contacted me to help share his book.  It is a fun, informative read that encourages exploration and delivers answers.  Dozens of top level IT people have participated in the questions and answers, leaving nothing to the imagination.  If you're even remotely interested in jumping into the Information Technology realm - you must read this book.  Find out what the good, and the bad, are all about.  Make decision as an informed recruit and not based on emotion.

I'd recommend this to anyone wanting real answers about the IT industry.  Kurt Allen has done an impressive job collecting the data and presents it in a concise, entertaining way.  Download this book without hesitation - you'll be glad you did.

Amazon $4.99

Amazon 5 Star Review by Peyton:
"This book is an invaluable source book for anyone who is either interested in going into the IT field or already in it. Kurt's writing style is very readable; it flows very well. The refreshingly unique format of questions and answers allows you to go to the exact topic you are interested in. The questions/answers are succinct, clearly written, and relevant. Unlike many books of this genre, the language in this book is quite easy to follow and very accessible. If you or anyone you know is in the IT field, do yourself a BIG favor: purchase this book for yourself and/or your friends. It'll be one of the best investments you make."

Amazon 5 Star Review by John S.:
"This book has been very helpful! I love that is written in a way that you can quickly find and understand multiple questions you may have. I know a lot of people looking for a career in IT and people that currently work in IT. Both groups would find it very interesting and useful!"

Featured on eReaderRecon.com

Dog Adoption - The Gift of Love

I can't imagine not having a dog.  From the time I was a small boy we took in any four-legged, furry mutt that wandered into the yard.  We ended up with some awesome dogs, which helped to teach me the value of pet ownership and the unconditional love of a good dog.  Just recently, our beautiful golden retriever, Hannah, ran the course of her life and we had to have her put down.  She was cherished and embraced as a member of our family for 14 years - I miss her every day.  I still expect to see her welcoming, little mug looking for me as I pull in the driveway.  I downloaded a new book today to help us as we look for a new dog.

Writer and researcher Jean Chu has a wealth of information in regards to finding the perfect dog.  It's more tricky than you might imagine.  We've been fortunate to select the perfect dog for us in the past, but I've had friends who were not so lucky.  Some breeds are better with children, some better watch dogs, and so on...  Don't leave it to chance - in the pages of this unique guide, Jean lays out, in painstaking detail, what it takes to select and care for a dog.

You get much more than the information, as she shares with you personal experiences with her own service dog.  As a team they help to lift and provide therapy to the disabled.  The eBook is well-written, concise, and filled with every detail you might like to know.  I'd recommend this book to anyone thinking of dog ownership.

March 14-16: Download the Amazon Digital Version for FREE

From the Author (Jean Chu): "Your New Dog is a guide designed to take the guesswork out of finding your perfect furry companion. This book detailed every single aspect of what to expect to own a dog - the joy, the love, the responsibilities."

Dog Adoption
Amazon 5 Star Review by John Frey:
"Two paws up! What a great read. On one hand Jean has captured what you already (should) know; and gently remind you again in case you're forgotten. More importantly, she has done a terrific job of capturing all of the things you really need to think about and consider that you might not factor into your decision. Things that could be make or break issues for a successful adoption. I'm not a dog, but if I was one - and I was up for adoption, I'd really want my new human to have read this before we "seal the deal". Well done Jean. Well done indeed. Woof Woof. (tail wagging)"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stocked UP! Learn what makes the Stock Market TICK!

Investor and writer, John Matthews, has written a concise, understandable guide for new investors to get a handle on what really makes the stock market work.  I think you'll be surprised, just as I was, to hear some of his ideas and strategies.  Preconceived notions go out the window in this up-to-date model of why there are ups and down in the markets.  John obviously knows what he's written about and as an inexperienced investors myself, I was pleased with the information I gleaned and will use it to steer some of my future financial decisions.

The eBook is normally $10 but for a very limited time you can download the digital version from Amazon for FREE!  That's right - he's offering the book absolutely free to anyone who wants a fresh understanding of the stock market.  I would recommend this guide to anyone wishing to upgrade their knowledge, but especially for newbies wanting their first taste of 'real' investing.

View the book with the link below and take a look at some of his 5 Star Reviews:

FREE March 10-15

Kevin Lintner - "I had very little, if any at all, knowledge of the stock market works. "Stocked UP!" is a very well written and easy to follow guide to understanding the stock market. Its 17 paged are packed with vital information that will definitely give you a head start on your path to investment success."

Natasha Moore - " I have been trying to get into the whole stock market thing for a few years now with absolutely no success. When a friend of mine loaned me this book I was extremely grateful and now can't wait to put what I have learned into practice. This book gave some great tips on how to get ahead of the game and actually get results. The advice given was helpful and written in a tone that was easy to understand, even for a beginner like me. Stocked up is a great reference book that I am sure I will go back to again and again."

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Zombie-Apocalypse Sale About Over

The uniquely written apocalyptic novel by FA Tallahassee is still on sale but only for a few more hours.  If you love end-of-days stories, this is a must.  The action is fast paced, over-the-top and completely insane - all the characteristics of a fantastic Zombie genre novel.  However, the author kicks it up a notch with riotous, sarcastic humor.  I've recommended this to all my friends and you should too.  Save the $3 and download it for only $0.99 now!


About the Author:
F.A. Tallahassee, or Furry Armpits Tallahassee, also known as the Florida Ape-Man is renowned for the extreme verdancy of his underarm hair. Among residents of Yeehaw Junction, (formerly Jackass Junction), the hirsuteness of his pit tufts is the stuff of legend. Or at the very least the odd passing remark. This hair is as orange as an orangutan's and coarser than the wire wool you'd find sprouting from a wild boar's ass. At a recent church fundraiser for Reverend Doogoody's new outhouse, he allowed himself to be strung up by twin ropes formed of braided armpit hair. He stalwartly bore the agony of this endeavor for a full ten seconds before commencing to bawl like a startled babe and begging to be cut down. Appropriately enough, the first words out of his mouth were, 'Holy sh**!' He was told to man up and shut up and was gagged with the loose ends of his flowing pit locks, so as not to ruin proceedings for the rest of the community or despoil the ears of the young ones with his unchristian cussing and carrying on. When not bawling his eyes out and generally acting like a sissy, he enjoys bad movies, thrilling fiction, fast food and loose women. In fact all of those adjectives can be applied to the kind of women he likes, but who are thin on the ground in Yeehaw Junction. Excepting Cindy Hot stuff Henderson, who looks like she was hit in the face by a shovel and then trampled by a horse and run over by the plowshare it was dragging. Oh and sometimes old F.A. Tallahassee? Well, he writes a little bit too. If you can call it that. Probably with his toes.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Featured FREE Amazon Download

Some time ago I featured a cool new eBook on eReaderRecon.com and here on my blog - 56 Mix Tips for Small Recording Studios by Amos Clarke.  He's generously offered to feature the book for free from March 6-10 - that's a savings of $6.  I downloaded a copy for myself and contacted a bunch of my friends to do the same.  This is a fun, hands-on series of tips to enhance your mixing techniques either at home or in your studio.

Amos is a true professional with much to offer and some incredibly useful ideas.  A review is below, as well as a link directly to the book's download site:


Amazon 5 Star Review by Eric Block:
"The first thing to know about Amos Clarke is that his mixes are consistently well-balanced, detailed, spacious and punchy, so you can be confident that the techniques he shares in his latest book are well-worth incorporating into your own mixes. He’s made that easy by briefly describing each technique, why and when it’s useful, how it works, followed by a “Do It’ section that tells you precisely how to achieve it. It’s a winning format that’s just as punchy and illuminating as his mixes. Highly recommended."

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Zombie Sale Days for Champagne Jackson

A couple of weeks ago I featured a new 'Zombie' genre book by FA Tallahassee and I'm so glad I did.  The book continues to climb the Amazon charts and is currently on sale.  Save a couple of bucks and download an irreverent, butt-stomping, Zombie-destroying copy with the link below:

Amazon $0.99 Sale

I'm reading the book now and have recommended it to my Twitter base of apocalyptic fans.  If you enjoy a good laugh with your over-the-top action thrillers, then this is a book for you.

What are readers saying?

Cat Jones - Amazon 5 Star Review:
"Champagne Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass" is a witty, entertaining tale of zombies, screwups, and endless action. Champagne Jackson is one of the best characters I've met in a while. Big, black, and totally badass, her biggest weakness seems to be smooth talking players with a penchant for skanks. When at last she's had enough of Jackson Jackson's cheating ways and goes out to introduce him and Crack Ho Barbie to her shotgun, what happens next ensures this is one wedding anniversary she will never forget.

This is one of those books that had me grinning all the way through. Sure there's blood and guts and zombies but it delivers the sort of characters and dialogue that makes you snicker even as the guy next to you is getting his throat ripped out. As a huge fan of zom-com like Shawn of the Dead and Zombieland I would love to see this one hit the screen some day. Plus I'm thrilled to see Tallahassee is writing now. I guess the Twinkie thing is finally over."

Featured on eReaderRecon.com 'In the Crosshairs' section - visit today!


Please note: Sale is only available on Amazon.com.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Woman's Guide to Home Buying

I was recently introduced to the works of Jean Chu, who has written a pair of handy guides for home buyers and dog owners.  I love the approach she takes with both.  I wanted to take a minute today to highlight the Home Buying Tips eBook.  She has zeroed in on women, and more accurately, single women, who have never purchased a home.  I was surprised to see that women outpace men, 2 to 1 in this market.

Please take a minute to review the synopsis provided here and help spread the word.  I would recommend this to anyone looking at home ownership, with emphasis on first-time female shoppers.

Home Buying Tips
Getting Started for Beginners

Valuable Guide $4.99
Ladies, this guide is written for the sole purpose of turning female home shoppers, who are often single, into informed, powerful homebuyers.  Education and understanding are at the heart of any large acquisition.  The purchase of a house is the largest investment most of you will ever make, tying you to a location for years to come, as well as budgeting your finances.  It may surprise you that unattached women constitute 20% of first-time property buyers.  This number has doubled since the 1980’s and currently outpaces single men, making a similar purchase, by 2 to 1.

As with any significant buy, there is always a degree of uncertainty and stress, but also great excitement and satisfaction…if you’ve done your homework.  Too many first timer’s look back at their home-buying experience through the proverbial lenses of hindsight, sadly invoking “coulda…woulda…shoulda”.  This does not need to be the case…not any more.  There is a landslide of information at your fingertips, but none more streamlined for single women than this concise, informative eBook.

Writer and researcher, Jean Chu, has taken the initiative, sorting through piles of advice, data and helpful material to bring you the gems of her labor.  The guide is direct and related specifically to a woman’s needs.  Face it; females have different wants and demands when it comes to home ownership.  There is power in knowledge…learn to find and negotiate from a position of strength.

A short list of what you’ll master:
·      Preparing – taking the first steps
·      How to choose a house and neighborhood
·      Finding the ‘right’ agent
·      Up-to-date mortgage options and rates
·      Finance options: creative and diverse…learn them all
·      What can you afford
·      Learn to initiate and negotiate an offer
·      And much, much more…


Download this valuable guide today and begin your home-buying journey with the tools you’ll need to be successful.  This should be a fun, joyful experience.  Do it right the first time.

 The book is currently featured on eReaderRecon.com

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Amos Powell - Releases an Elegant Book of Poetry

I had the privileged of purchasing and reading a wonderful book of poetry this past week by newly published author, Amos Powell.  When buying collections of poems, I'm never quite sure what I'll be getting in both verse and appearance, but in this case I was anything but disappointed.  From the first page to the last I was in awe of the beauty of this creation, and I would highly recommend it to all.  He currently has the book available at Blurb.co.uk, but I will encourage him to expand his market and share this wonderful book with a much larger audience.  He deserves the exposure, and readers everywhere, deserve to share in this work.  You can view the first few pages and read more with the link associated below:

Approximately $3.00 US

 A review that I was not asked to write, but one that I felt compelled to complete:
"Amos Powell’s eBook of touching poems and elegant, high-resolution pictures is nothing less than stunning.  I purchased the book a few days ago and have looked through it numerous times.  The verse is unique and compliments the juxtaposed artwork in a way that titillates the senses.  I was treated to poetry that sent me back in time, as well as thoughts of the future.  I have a number of volumes of poetry in my digital library, but this has established itself as my favorite.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys heartwarming poetry, especially when blended with such masterful pictures.  The work is professional and denotes a great deal of time and thought on the part of the author.  Kudos Amos, you have a new fan in me.  Five stars for presentation and content, from one who is learning to love the poetic license." -- D. Larsen

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse Will Never Be The Same

Just a quick note with much more to follow in the coming weeks for this unique, in-your-face, comedic adventure...Zombie adventure, that is.  Champagne Jackson is geared up and ready to kick some serious...
The book is available now and ready for download.  Reviews are matchless, some as entertaining as the book itself.  Take a minute, or a few hours and read this killer novel.

Amazon $3.99

Amazon 5 Star Review by Cat Jones:
"Champagne Jackson Kicks Zombie Ass" is a witty, entertaining tale of zombies, screwups, and endless action. Champagne Jackson is one of the best characters I've met in a while. Big, black, and totally badass, her biggest weakness seems to be smooth talking players with a penchant for skanks. When at last she's had enough of Jackson Jackson's cheating ways and goes out to introduce him and Crack Ho Barbie to her shotgun, what happens next ensures this is one wedding anniversary she will never forget.

This is one of those books that had me grinning all the way through. Sure there's blood and guts and zombies but it delivers the sort of characters and dialogue that makes you snicker even as the guy next to you is getting his throat ripped out. As a huge fan of zom-com like Shawn of the Dead and Zombieland I would love to see this one hit the screen some day. Plus I'm thrilled to see Tallahassee is writing now. I guess the Twinkie thing is finally over."

Monday, February 16, 2015

New Fiverr Gigs Taking Off

I've recently started writing book descriptions for other authors and have been enjoying the experience immensely.  The work is exciting and a challenge, but getting to know the authors has been so fun.  I offer the service through Fiverr for those who like to use a main stream, verifiable agent.  However, I do take orders direct through this site or my email at LarsenNovels@gmail.com

Services Starting at $5
 Over 115 services provided and 100% satisfaction rating.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

This Nearly Was Mine, A Novel by Nancy Farkas

Occasionally a romance novel comes along with such a unique story that I like to feature it on this blog.  Writer Nancy Farkas' This Nearly Was Mind is such a book.  The characters are, for lack of a better word, human, having frailties and struggles the reader can truly relate to.  If you are a lover of emotional, endearing stories this is a novel you should add to your library.  Readers are telling it all.  Take a look at some chosen reviews:

Amazon 5 Star Review by HeftyBanks:
"This novel has so much low key realness within its pages I felt like I was reading a diary more than a story at times. Most of the relationship dynamics within the pages are relationship dynamics we've all experienced at one time or another to one degree or another, but seldom with the depth that is brought forth here. The dialogue between characters is some of the most intimate dialogue I've read and again it made me feel like I was reading a diary about a relationship than a novel. Great story, great characters, great prose, just great."

Amazon 5 Star Review by Amazon Customer:
"This is a beautiful book. At first I was taken in by the vista of Spain (in the middle of snowy weather, a great idea!), and then the character grew up, grew older, kept returning to depict her life as relationships changed, grew, shifted--and it felt like I was hearing from a good friend about the challenges of love, children, bills, illness, trips--and above all of a recurring love that went through transitions with her. (The more I entered her life, though, the less I wanted the notes on how to make the book into a movie! I think other people loved it.) The final section, with its bittersweet picture of a love unfinished was poignant and beautiful. I loved the memory of this book, it will keep resurfacing for me!"

Amazon $4.99

In the summer of 1980, Annie, fresh out of graduate school, escapes a doomed engagement by fleeing to the Costa del Sol in Spain. The young traveler is seduced by the striking landscape and the shimmering sea, but not as profoundly as she was by Francisco, a local musician with a complicated past and a troubled soul. Her adventures propel her into adulthood and a life teased with what might have been.
Twenty-six years later, Annie’s teenage daughter Marielle, curious about her mother’s stories, searches for Francisco while on a backpacking trip through Spain. When Marielle’s search is successful, Annie’s thoughts return to her romantic past amidst the magnificent backdrop of the steamy Mediterranean coast. Francisco’s unexpected reappearance ignites powerful feelings she didn’t know were still simmering.
Annie obsessively questions every decision she made that summer and wonders about a life that could have been hers had she stayed. She is torn between her love and devotion to her husband and the intercontinental pull to the life she has fantasized about for decades.  
Will she sacrifice the life she’s built with her husband for one that nearly was hers so many years ago?