Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Operation Z-Day: The Beginning


The year is 2019 and the world is ripe for the next great pandemic.  Viral genomes mutate on the fly, casual intimacy is common and travel is easy.  These factors and others allow the spread of a caustic invader to overwhelm, then overcome their host organism -- us.  Calgary, Alberta, known to the world for The Stampede and 1988 Winter Olympics, is home to Raven Falconer, an aspiring author, and her three roommates.  The women, fun-loving and educated, are intent on furthering their careers and life's circumstances.  Soon their lives will be tested to the very limits of friendship and human endurance.

The planet's history is put on hold as Canada suffers the devastating effects of an out-of-control virus, spawning a worldwide epidemic.  Travel, commerce, all day-to-day activities are suspended, but it's too late.  Thousands, then millions fall victim to the infection.  The elderly and weak succumb while the survivors lose brain function and ultimately their identity, spiraling into a zombie-like state where only carnal instincts prevail.

Seeing the writing on the wall, the friends retreat to the mountains of Banff in search of peace and shelter, hoping the worst will pass.  They emerge from a secluded cabin to find marshal law instituted and a world turned upside down, where kill or be killed is rampant.  Join Raven, her best friends Mick, Bobi, and Hannah for the ride of their lives.  Throw in an Olympic Biathlon competitor, Nathan Edwards, infected with the transforming virus and nowhere is safe.

Episode One traces the roommates’ flight from the city and their face-to-face encounters with an emerging, deadly threat, the Huskers: animalistic post-viral humans that will do anything to survive.


The cover design is in the works.  Will post more soon!
Looking for a release date prior to Halloween.