Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rise of the Huskers - Free Amazon Download

June 1-2 The Rise of the Huskers will be available as a free download from Amazon.  The second of three episodes follows Husker Leader Nathan Edwards as he builds his pack and they evolve, using islands of undamaged cerebral tissue to learn.  A third party is introduced in this segment: a warring faction of a local native tribe seeks to gain control of the region and further threatens Raven and her friends.  Episode two explores the viral human destruction from the Husker's point of view - anything could happen.

FREE June 1-2

Amazon Review:
"Rise of the Huskers is the second installment in the Raven Falconer Chronicles. Having greatly enjoyed the first book in the series (Operation Z-Day) I was happily surprised to find that Author Dennis Larsen outdoes himself again with Rise of the Huskers. Here we are presented with the same lovable characters in the fight of their lives against zombie like humans that have now developed a pack mentality. Raven and her friends must struggle, improvise and fight for their survival, resources and to maintain their health and security.

I enjoyed Larsen’s ability to maintain an element of suspense and thrills amidst lust greed and raw truth. I also enjoyed Larsen’s ability to paint with words vivid scenery that brings the story fully to life. I highly recommend it!" -- Ally McMahon