Friday, July 4, 2014

A Children's Book For Me

For many years I've encouraged my family to think outside the box, and then a few years ago they surprised me with a birthday gift they'd worked on together for weeks: a 'touch & feel' book entitled 'The Marvelous Mind of Marvin Marsh'.  At the time it brought tears to my eyes, knowing how many hours had been sacrificed in carefully writing and illustrating the book.  I have cherished it over the years and my grandchildren have enjoyed having me read it to them.  I had hoped we would find a way to share it with friends and other family members but producing such a book was beyond our means and understanding.  Finally, I found an illustrator, Dukudraw in Malaysia, with the skills to help my wife convert her book to a paperback and Kindle version.
I'm so proud of the work Holly has put into this unique project.

Cover Graphic

Today the the final product is available on Amazon
It's geared for small children with a repetitive, sing-song dialogue and 18 full color pages of wonderful creatures.  You can see a few of those pages below:

Marvin Marsh

Slinky Slipalick

The book is designed to help children tap into their own imagination, inspiring greater thought and exploration of talents awaiting discovery.