Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Love Story With Heart

I recently purchased a book that tackles the tough issue of violence against women and date-rape.  It is handled with finesse and understanding by Author Mary Crawford.  So the Heart Can Dance is a tender story of young friendship that develops into something more, while helping to heal a woman's soul.  It is a read that will touch your heart -- be ready with the tissues.

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So the Heart Can Dance
A Hidden Beauty Novel: Book #2

For most, between birth and death, lies years of hope, family, and love.  However, along that winding road that leads from one to the other, sometimes the unthinkable mars the journey, perpetuating heartache and unending despair.  Tara Isamu, a dancer blessed with grace and elegance, lives a remarkable life.  She sees her future as joyful and bright...but that all changes in an instant, when a single, rage-filled act of violence steals her innocence.

Tara’s dreams are suddenly, and irreversibly shattered, turning her emotions and talents inward, where she harbors a secret that has seemingly blemished her soul.  She is left in darkness until a chance meeting with an old friend opens the door to healing and love.  Aidan O’Brien and Tara’s relationship is borne of youthful exuberance and tempered in the foundry of tragedy.  Together, they walk a difficult path, one that heals through understanding and acceptance.

So the Heart Can Dance is a love story, written with deep meaning for anyone who has endured life-altering misfortune that leaves behind unseen, yet very real scars. Read it as a celebration of the soul’s ability to overcome the worst of life’s challenges.  It will lift, inspire and breathe hope into the most painful experiences, and teach us all...we can surely dance again.

Please Note: Throughout 2015 the author will donate 15% of gross profits to RAINN, a national charity dedicated to stopping sexual assault and abuse.