Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Lasting Hunger Is Now Available!

The release of The Living Hunger's sequel is finally here.  Let me introduce you to The Lasting Hunger, the second and final book in the series.  This novel has been a labor of love from its inception, but has taken longer than expected to complete.  Over the past few years, real life events have precluded me from finalizing the project, however, it is finished and I hope you enjoy it. (Amazon Universal Link)

As with the first in the series, I have dedicated this novel to, and patterned the main character after someone that impacted my life in a major way.  I speak of my friend, Jeff 'Boob' Ellis.  We became inseparable during our Jr. High and High School years, growing from boys to men along the way.  Our friendship continues to this day, but not in the literal sense.  Jeff was tragically taken in an industrial accident in 1987, ten years after we graduated from high school.  I have always wanted to memorialize this wonderful man in some way that would be lasting and true, which is why I initially started The Living Hunger books.

My intent, all along, was to write a fictional story, putting real life characters in the mix, drawing from their personalities and actual, real-life experiences to immortalize them for me and my family.  During this journey, my father passed away, which is why I started with Farrell (my father's given name) as the main character in The Living Hunger.  I had to tell his story to prepare the way for Jeff's.  Writing The Lasting Hunger was an emotional roller coaster, sometimes causing me to stay away from the computer for months on end.  I hope the readers of The Living Hunger can forgive me for taking so long to complete this task - it was never my intent.

Anyway, I wrote these books for myself more than anyone else.  The journey has pulled loving, fun-filled memories from the recesses of my mind and ever etched them upon my thoughts.  I pray I have done justice to the memory of these two great men, and many others who are captured in personas that lend themselves to the tale.  My father's brother, Rod, and his wife, Janet, have been such an inspiration to me, and they are entangled in the pages of both books.  They are stalwart, compassionate individuals who continue to bless the lives of our extended family.

The digital version of The Lasting Hunger was released today via Amazon and the Paperback version should be available tomorrow.  Thanks again for your support and patience.  The adventure continues, with a Civil War novel in the works.

Cover Design by Sean Strong

Jeff (Boob) and Me - A Day of Duck Hunting

Jeff Ellis - High School Portrait

Teenage Nonsense - Holding my dog, Bushy, as a show of strength.

We played baseball together for 5 years - Pony League 1974

Sports were always at the center of our friendship and our days.  We played baseball, basketball, football, tennis and more.  Above, Jeff's dad, Boyd, is pictured at the left.  Jeff is the third uniformed player from the back left and I am second from the right, again on the back.

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