Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rise of the Huskers

The Raven Falconer Chronicles: Operation Z-Day has been a hit today on Amazon, ranking as high as #2 on the Canadian Horror Genre and #3 in the USA and UK for Post-Apocalyptic Novels.  To help keep the momentum and interest going, I am releasing book two in the series tonight!
Rise of the Huskers as show below is available NOW!  $0.99

Synopsis: Amazon Link

The quaint, little resort town of Banff, Alberta, set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and glacier lakes, is being torn apart by Huskers: virally altered humans acting on deep, carnal instincts.  The surviving populace, including Raven Falconer, her roommates, and RCMP Officer Zygmunt Nowicki, battle for resources, their lives, and a safe place to call their own.

Nathan Edwards, self-appointed leader of the Husker band, aggressively leads his group on horrific death-and-devour missions throughout the community, instilling fear among the healthy, and destroying any hope of rescue or survival.  Episode Two looks inside the murderous horde, their thoughts, actions and the sense of ‘pack’ that develops, as their numbers grow.  The once peaceful Biathlon Olympian controls the egregious Huskers with overblown aggression and a gift for carnage.  He rules, trying to fill an insatiable void, temporarily satisfying vulgar urges, while dominating the mob – simply because he can.

Amazon $0.99
As if the girls and Ziggy didn’t have enough to cope with, a new threat emerges, extending an olive branch, tainted with arsenic.  Darwin Gladue, visionary and self-anointed chief of a local native tribe, violently takes control of his people and leads them on a desperate errand to restore their tribal lands.

Diminishing supplies, greed, lust and an unstoppable will to survive will pit the three parties against one another, culminating in a spectacular climax of death and ruination, but for whom?

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