Saturday, August 16, 2014

Desire & Prejudice by Jean-Louis McMillan

I had one of eReaderRecon's authors contact me today with a request, and I'm happy to assist him by posting his note.  He has written a steamy romance, which has received excellent reviews and boasts an Amazon 4.6 Star rating.  The eBook will be on sale for a few days so take advantage of the low price while it lasts.

Amazon Sale to Aug 20th $0.99

Please take a moment to read his request:


Please assist me to break Amazon's algorithm, which presents a clear priority to the well-known writers, agents and publishers, leaving behind the new indie writers:
25 downloads in one day, boosted up my book Amazon’s rank from 478.560 to 11.141.
It's obviously a virtuoso jump, but I need #20 or less to make Amazon’s algorithm display my book to potential readers proactively.
My book is now sold on Amazon for 99 cents (up to August 20), I need a couple hundred sales each day to break forward this barrier.
Please help spread this message far and wide
I’m certain you’ll love this book and beside that, you’ll aid a new writer to overcome the unfair competition of those who already have a well-oiled system to use Amazon's algorithm for their profit, and leaves the new writers behind.
Thanks for your help, everyone!"

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