Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Visit Hell - I'm Not Kidding!

Scott Leddy's Beyond Gehenna Series is one of the most thought provoking ideas I've seen in some time.  The Vietnam War, for many of us that grew up during those traumatic years, taught us about the world and good vs. a perceived evil.  This author takes it a step beyond the norm and descends with his main character into the very jaws of hell, where the reader can only imagine what they will find.
We are featuring these books on eReaderRecon because they've been lost in the thousands of books that compete for your view, and these should not be missed.

Please take a minute to view the book's information and see if you're ready to visit hell!  I know I was and there's no turning back.

Book #1 Synopsis:

Attempting to escape his troubled past and his horrific nightmares, Elgin Thomas flounders deep in the heart of Vietnam's central highland district. Soon exposed to a corrupt and immoral society--a society consumed with chaos and injustice, where the laws of man are subjective and God has turned a deaf ear--the war, for him, takes a heavy toll.

While on a clandestine mission, Elgin is confronted by the dreaded Khmer Rouge, in Cambodia's deadly killing fields. Faced with his own mortality and questioning his faith, he must make a choice: abandon his mission and flee or stay and fight. It isn't until he is fatally wounded that a bad situation turns into the unthinkable.

Beyond Gehenna: Tour of Duty is volume one of a two part series, which grabs the reader's attention from the very beginning, presenting a bone-chilling depiction of the realities of war and a horrifying glimpse into the after life. A thrilling roller-coaster ride that doesn't stop until its surprise ending...

Amazon $2.99

Book #2 Synopsis:

Elgin Thomas's iniquitous past soon catches up with him. He wanders the fiery depths of Hell, where his fortitude and sanity are continually challenged. Introduced to a cast of unsavory characters, Elgin must learn to adapt and survive as he traverses through the Underworld's scorching, volcanic terrain. It is a world of serial killers, demons, satanic rituals, secret societies, petty criminals, and an entire host of some of history's most ruthless tyrants.

Attempting to atone for his sins, Elgin seeks salvation--but is he trying to find a way out of the abyss, or is he merely attempting to cope with his own delusional mind?

Amazon $2.99

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