Monday, September 8, 2014

A Romance With a Twist by John Charles

I was recently contacted by Author John Charles in regards to his new release novel, In Death He Lives, a romantic tale involving two men: one comfortable with his sexuality and the other torn between his inner feelings and family.  Having never promoted in this genre I was hesitant to move forward, but when John informed me the majority of his readers are women between 21 and 51, looking for something different in the romance market, I was intrigued.
Mr. Charles delivers with this love story, branching into struggles that can lift or destroy.  He's ventured well beyond what you'd expect in any type of romance, taking a character to the edge of death where he lives a separate life in his comatose mind.  You'll sense the player's heart-wrenching trials, and like so many who have reviewed this book, you'll come away enriched.

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Amazon 5 Star Reviews:

"Compelling love story exploring the dynamics of different personalities and relationships. Reade is in love with Alex, but his father would never approve, and would even disinherit his son. Is Reade's own love and freedom worth the price?

This book is very well written and the characters are wonderfully developed, especially Reade. This book is very engaging, I felt like I was right there with him as he tried to navigate the difficult life choices which he faces."
- Jacqueline

"This story hooked me from with the first chapter! I couldn't put it down and reread the last chapter twice. I loved the way the author wove a tale of two lives with wonderful unexpected twists and turns which culminated into a beautiful ending. Very well written, loved the characters and the surprising ending. Highly recommended. I will be on the look out for more of John Charles' work"
- Katherine Roach

Currently posted on eReaderRecon, this novel will change how you look at your own relationships and give you a feel for how fragile they truly can be.
- Recommended Read