Friday, September 5, 2014

Is Your Husband Cheating?

Author Ellen Ames captures the essence of rooting out a cheating spouse in The Savvy Woman's Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Man.  I downloaded this eBook this morning after the writer contacted me, and I have to say that I'm very intrigued.  Ames' guide is perhaps the most unique piece of literature I've had the pleasure of promoting.  I will be reading this over the next few days and I look forward to discussing it with my wife.  Whether your spouse has wandering aspirations or not, this text will undoubtedly prove insightful and enlightening.  Give it a try - it's FREE until September 7th.


Amazon 5 Star Review by Tricia Abney:
"I haven't had to worry about nabbing a cheating spouse in over 20 years - thank God! However, I have a close friend who is currently in this precarious position and I purchased this book for her. Naturally, I gave it a read first. It is spot on not only with regards to the types of things that you should look for but also how to handle the emotional upheaval that comes with this territory.

Long gone are the days where we look the other way and pretend that these things aren't happening so The Savvy Woman's Secrets to Outwit a Cheating Man give very specific guidelines on where to look and even how to handle confrontations. This is a great guide if you are in this unfortunate predicament."

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