Sunday, October 5, 2014

Instagram Marketing Tool

I've written about Jenny Li's valuable marketing eBook before and will likely again, as I find it to be such a useful resource.  Anyone wishing to promote a book, product, webpage or other item will get their money's worth easily.  Instagram Marketing for Beginners is now available as an audiobook.  Listen to it on the way to work or anytime you've got a few spare minutes.  Take a look at just a few of the dozens of positive reviews she'd received over the past year.
Now as Audiobook

Amazon 5 Star Reviews:
"I have been a Facebook user for a long time and at first I thought Instagram is for a millennial generation, posting pictures and such. Since I am fairly new so I grabbed this book to see what it will do for me in using this application. Voila, I found this book. It is easy to read, simple and straight to the point. I found the interviews insightful as to it's good for all ages and different backgrounds, both personal and for business. Facebook has its place but in Instagram, you have your followers, and the book tells you to build your brand, value and maintain the relationship and be interactive with your followers - it can go viral very quickly. I find this book very easy to read, content is good and can't wait for another one to come out!" -- Mongoose JC

"As a budding entrepreneur I have been actively looking for ways to use social media to promote my business. In this category there are quite a few books that claim to help you but really most of them are full of fluff that could be easily found via an internet search. This is one of the few books that gives an easy to implement guide to utilize Instagram to promote your business. Until i read this book I really had no idea what Instagram was. I thought it was just something used to make fun pictures for Facebook. That is how clueless I was about this application. I now am armed with the knowledge to use this to drive people to my website. This is one of the few books that if used properly, can actually make you money." -- Irish Times

"Straight and to the point, with just the right amount of examples.. This book is organized very well and written in an easy going conversational style. I especially liked the interviews with followers and entrepreneurs which was insightful. Thumbs up!" -- Pete B Hom

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