Monday, October 27, 2014

Pilots on Food Stamps - Say It Ain't So

Ben Mandell recently made me aware of his new book, Pilots on Food Stamps.  I wholeheartedly expected it to be a pun, a sarcastic lark that would be all fun and games.  I was wrong.  Ben's story is true, a behinds the scene look into the aviation industry and the value they place on their pilots: the very people in whom we trust our lives.  This is a recommended read, drawing all 5 Star Reviews from Amazon readers.  Take a minute to read what these individuals are saying:

Jamie - "All I can say is wow. I'm flabbergasted, yes, FLABBERGASTED, at how little pilots get paid. These are the guys who fly countless hours, literally holding the life of hundreds of people day after day, and they barely get paid enough to put food on the table?! Ben does a superb job of exposing the ugly truth to the airline industry and its ridiculous profits and greed. This book got me fired up. This really is a travesty. If you really want to know how airlines work, read this book. "

Nita - "Frankly, I am stunned by how much pilots are being paid. This and other discouraging truths about the airline industry are being plainly unveiled by this knowledgeable author. His writing style is very detail and spot-on. Indeed this informative book holds truths that the general public doesn’t know and expels them in a very simplified manner. Overall, this is thought-provoking book is worth possessing."

Phoebe Stone - " I had the chance to live for several years in a country where becoming a pilot would be every little boy's dream, not only because of what it means but also because of the guarantee of having a comfortable life from a financial standpoint. I discovered this book on my friend's reader when she borrowed it to me as mine was broke, and I was attracted by the title - because to be honest I was shocked - I always thought being a pilot will provide financial comfort to one's family, no matter where in the world. Looking at figures, statistical measures - it seems things are not really like this in the US. On top of figures, this book is really a great journey in understanding the airport, airlines and employees of those world - what they do, how they do it, what matters and what doesn't - providing an interesting insight, on top of the main idea of the book."

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