Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Macro-Mixing for the Small Studio by Amos Clarke

Mr. Clarke has truly captured my imagination with his new release, Macro-Mixing for the Small Recording Studio.  I've always wanted to explore this creative side of my personality but never had the time, money or push to do so.  However, this may be just the thing I need to get my own studio going.
For those with an inclination or a studio of your own, this may be just what you're looking for to perfect your techniques and bolster your confidence.  The guide is straightforward and insightful, garnering 5-Star reviews on Amazon and topping the charts in his genre.
eReaderRecon.com is recommending this to those interested in sound/music production, as well, please take a look at his professional website where further information can be found.  Links are below:

Amazon $4.99
Amazon 5 Star Reviews:
"As songwriters and home recording enthusiasts, we often suffer from a severe case of information overload with respect to mix techniques, sample libraries, the next cool plugin, and other recording tools and technologies. So Amos Clarke is to be congratulated for writing a book that cuts through the noise to deliver some key workflow and mix techniques that will dramatically improve your mix results and productivity. Better mixes with less effort. What a concept! And you can be sure he knows what he’s talking about. Visit www.showpony.com and check out his credentials and some recent mixes. Then go ahead and buy the book." -- Eric Block

" Great info presented in a clear concise fashion. Thanks for taking the time to share your expertise." -- C. Miller

Amos Clarke's Website: ShowPonyRecording