Friday, January 23, 2015

Rulebreaker's Poetry

A friend of mine, Hannah Jones, turned me on to new-age poetry some time ago and my love for the genre continues with the release of The Poems Choose Me by Kristy Rulebreaker.  I couldn't help but think the collection would be entertaining, given the writer's name.  I've gone through the first dozen poems and found them to be a wonderful assortment of moods and styles.  I'd recommend this eBook for anyone who yearns for verse that makes you 'feel'.  Kristy is a gifted linguist with enough soul to  entertain even the toughest of critics.
Please take a look at her work (a sample is below):

 In 2014 many poems chose me to write them and this is 100 of them. Happy, angry, sad or funny they cover many topics, from love to social injustice. This collection is my first and hopefully not the last.

Amazon $3.50

Amazon 5 Star Reviews:"A wonderful collection of poetry, that will leave you hoping for more to come from Kristy. Her words will alternately bring smiles and tears with their poignancy; with certain passages gripping your synapses, like a catchy song that one cannot get out of your head. " -- Fred Robel

"The poems are wonderful and since I enjoyed them, I sent an ebook to my niece and she also enjoyed them very much. " -- dl

" Gentle and subtlety evocative definitely worth a read " -- Mrs. C.M. OConnell

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