Friday, February 13, 2015

Investing Book Sale: Charts Don't Lie

Steve Ryan has published a unique financial guide, assisting investors of all levels of experience.  It's currently on sale (40% off) and will be until Feb. 22nd.  Learn the following:

The book covers the trading basics as well as:
1) How the 7 secret procedures will help your trading or investing more calculable and methodical. The steps are applicable to make money in any market.
2) How you will gain more conviction in your investing. No more "gambling" when you are trading.
3) How to exploit opportunities with disproportional Reward to Risk Ratio that will practically help you to make profits more consistently.
4) Investing for retirement? Trading for beginners? This book is for everyone, from rookies to seasoned pros.

Sale Priced $1.99

Amazon 5 Star Review by Stephen Sim:
"What I love the most: Mr. Ryan's concrete steps described in this book. They were very practical albeit most of them were not new. Things like "pay attention to volume" or "Support/Resistance" is well-known but sometimes underestimated by many traders. The book argued why they were critical to profitable trading.
Overall, recommended for seasoned investors and beginners. We all can learn something from this book."