Thursday, February 19, 2015

Amos Powell - Releases an Elegant Book of Poetry

I had the privileged of purchasing and reading a wonderful book of poetry this past week by newly published author, Amos Powell.  When buying collections of poems, I'm never quite sure what I'll be getting in both verse and appearance, but in this case I was anything but disappointed.  From the first page to the last I was in awe of the beauty of this creation, and I would highly recommend it to all.  He currently has the book available at, but I will encourage him to expand his market and share this wonderful book with a much larger audience.  He deserves the exposure, and readers everywhere, deserve to share in this work.  You can view the first few pages and read more with the link associated below:
Approximately $3.00 US

 A review that I was not asked to write, but one that I felt compelled to complete:
"Amos Powell’s eBook of touching poems and elegant, high-resolution pictures is nothing less than stunning.  I purchased the book a few days ago and have looked through it numerous times.  The verse is unique and compliments the juxtaposed artwork in a way that titillates the senses.  I was treated to poetry that sent me back in time, as well as thoughts of the future.  I have a number of volumes of poetry in my digital library, but this has established itself as my favorite.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys heartwarming poetry, especially when blended with such masterful pictures.  The work is professional and denotes a great deal of time and thought on the part of the author.  Kudos Amos, you have a new fan in me.  Five stars for presentation and content, from one who is learning to love the poetic license." -- D. Larsen

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