Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Weekend Giveaway

Last year my wife published her first children's book - The Marvelous Mind of Marvin Marsh.  It had originally been a touch-and-feel book that was given to me as a birthday gift.  The idea was worked on by my wife and all my children, as a way of signifying my push for them to reach beyond themselves and do something 'outside the box'.  Well, they did and it brought tears to my eyes.  Last year, I encouraged Holly to make it available to anyone who would enjoy it...and she did.  You can't experience the wonder of touching the creatures, but they are unique and special, just the same.

You can download the book this weekend for FREE.  It's a wonderful, easy story for small children to follow along, and the pictures will stimulate imagination and play for children of any age.

Enjoy your Easter Weekend - from our family to yours.


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