Saturday, April 4, 2015

National Poetry Slam - The Journey

When I first saw the title of this book, Autograph Penis, I was somewhat hesitant to even read the description.  I must ask, "Am I the only one with that reaction?"  Anyway, I was relieved to find it was not literal or the memoirs of a 'porn king', but rather a satirical look of one woman's journey to the National Poetry Slam in Boston.  Who would have known?  I couldn't help chuckling as I read the reviews, which are outstanding.  The author reminds me so much of my third daughter, who is a somewhat nerdy, quirky, out there kind of gal that loves to read and write poetry.  Perhaps it comes with the genetic splicing or the mind set, in any case, the book is unique, with plenty of laughs to carry you from page one to the last in a few short sittings.

I suspect this young writer will have a long and glorious career, filled with more side-splitting moments than she'll ever remember.  Please tell me, she keeps a journal.  Follow the antics of H.O. Tanager ( on her road to Poetry stardom in the pages of her road trip to remember - Autograph Penis, a non-fiction ah, ah...
Find out for yourself and buy this witty, self-recounted piece of poetic history.  I highly recommend it.

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And now for the Rave Reviews (of course, all 5 Star):
"H.O. Tanager does with Autograph Penis something I have seen nowhere else: she creates an image of the bar-game-turned-national-sport that is Poetry Slam. Autograph Penis ranges from hilarious to heartbreaking to deeply insightful, all while maintaining a sense of self awareness that immediately recruits the reader. Tanager's creation is accessible to everyone both inside and outside the slam community. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves, or wants to love, poets and poetry." by Ellyn

"H.O. Tanager does it again in her telling of the 2011 National Poetry Slam. No one has quite nailed the magnificent thrill and overwhelming feelings of anxiety that only the sport of Slam embodies, until now. Tanager's ability to combine the brutally honest with the almost magical makes Autograph Penis a go-to read for wit, drama, and many laughs. Her personable journey through the 2011 National Poetry slam is so relatable, I feel as if I were there with her. I mean the crying - it's such a real struggle. You've got to read to get this reference." by Tara

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