Friday, July 19, 2013

Friend's NEW Titles Available on Amazon

Nicolas Wilson introduced DAG in April of 2013.
A fun-filled read with interesting characters and a unique look at the future.

Amazon $1.99
Goodreads Review: "Nicolas Wilson's "Dag" makes for a good, refreshing reading experience in more ways than one. It's clever and brimming with wit, having just enough humor and funny characters to keep the reader interested, as the plot becomes more and more insane. An Agriculture agent gets caught up in a web of intrigue involving genetic experiments with vegetables and soon finds herself with two half-plant babies, an ex-drunk sleeping on her couch, an eccentric old scientist and a boyfriend who is cloned from corn. It is very well written and develops the way a good story should. I understand this is Wilson's first novel. I'm sure it won't be his last. This one's worth a look."

The Lexie & Rhett Chronicles - The Complete Trilogy.
Author Marcy Blesy:Young Adult 'Shorter' Stories
Amazon $2.99
Amazon Reader Review:  "I really really liked this short story. For such a quick read I had a bit of everything! It was heartwarming, honest, relevant, funny, heartbreaking! I loved the main characters, I loved how other relationships were addressed, not just Lexie's and Rhett's. This really worked as a short story, but it would alsoq have been brilliant as a full length novel. I got the characters, I could understand their emotions and even though I haven't been a teenager for a long time, you never forget your first love, so I could relate to Lexie as a person not just a teenager. I didn't see the point in a synopsis of the story, it would just be one big spoiler, but this really is a page turner and I was crying my eyes out as I got to the last pages. The fact that I was so emotionally involved after such a short time is testament to the ability of the author to fully engage the reader. All in all a great book!"

Does Fantasy with Cruel Villains and Beautiful Heroins interest you?
Check our D.R. Stokes latest release.

Amazon $6.13
The Cinder Crown weaves together the story of a damaged girl propelled from obscurity into fame, wealth and terrible danger, and also the lives and passions of those who seek her downfall. A unique blend of historically-influenced fiction, political thriller, and classic romantic fairytale, this story takes the reader through a world rich in drama and action; a world where each character is both a hero and villain, driven by their principles, dreams, and loves; a journey to the darker side of happily-ever-after.

Western with a Twist by Richard Acosta - Midnight Noon
Amazon $2.95
A coming of age tale about the bearded man, whom of which is on a journey to right the wrongs of his past.  We grow up with him as he thieves his way through the hellish enclave of the American West known as Diablo Canyon. As he is literally stealing away the prime of his youth, he forms an unusual friendship with the son of the only supply store in town. It is this friendship that serves to be the catalyst of sea change until he is forced to make a choice between friendship and death right up to very end of his short life.

Midnight Noon is an interstitial allegory written under the guise of an old pulp western that challenges the reader to look deeper into what is merely written.


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