Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The UK's Hollywood News Hosts The Living Hunger

This morning my cover designer, Sean Strong, alerted me to the fact that a site in the UK had picked up my book and posted in on their Facebook Page.  I just love little surprises like this.  They have an amazing website dedicated to entertainment and movies.  Click on their banner below to take a look.

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A crime-fiction author (Keith Dixon) contacted me today and I've posted his latest release on our website, www.ereaderrecon.com.  The book is titled 'Actress' and the cover is below:

Amazon $0.99
Take a look at his other works and learn what he's about by visiting his Blog.

More into Terror or Ghoulish Horror?

Amazon $2.99
 Author David Haynes spins three tales of the macabre in Victorian London.  Dare to take a look inside this unique collection of frightening stories?

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