Saturday, July 13, 2013

Top 100 in the UK

Generally the first thing I do each morning is pull my iPad from the charger at the side of my bed and take a look at what my books have done overnight.  I was more than pleasantly surprised this morning to see that The Living Hunger had jumped from #70 to #29 on the UK Top 100 Post-Apocalyptic eBooks over night.  I wish I could explain why it's performing so strong in the UK, but what is the saying -- 'don't look a gift-horse in the mouth'?  Take a look with the image below:

UK's Top 100 Post-Apocalyptic

The fellow who designed the cover lives in England, Sean Strong.  He is very gifted and I can't help but feel some of the success stems from the well-thought out cover he designed for me.  You can take a look at his work by clicking the banner below (very slick design):

Sean Strong Design Website

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