Wednesday, November 20, 2013

And Now Something for our Young Adult Readers

Finding Kaden, a novel by Jean Reinhardt, is the first in her The Finding Trilogy.  It has everything I look for in a book that I can read over a weekend and feel totally satisfied.  Please take a minute to read the short synopsis below and then visit her amazon site for more information.  Here is your opportunity to enjoy new talent and help an Indie Author navigate the world of writing and publishing.  I do appreciate all the views and support from those that travel in these circles.

A vicious attack leaves seventeen year old Kaden suffering from amnesia. He finds himself caught up in a world of abduction, conspiracy, exploitation and murder. Detective Jake Matthews must convince the young man's family that their son is dead in order to keep him alive. Meanwhile, six missing teenagers cause problems for a sinister organization, led by a dangerous man who considers himself to be above the law

Amazon $0.99
Amazon $0.99