Monday, November 11, 2013

The Living Hunger - Amazon 4.7 Stars

The Living Hunger has been out just over four months and I'm pleased with the way it's been received.  UK sales continue to outperform the USA, can't explain that one, but I'm not complaining.  Below is a recent review from Ryan, a Goodreads reader:

"In general, I don't post reviews of books I've read. I find books to be an extremely personal experience and I would hate for my review to alter someone's in any way.

That said, I do find it appropriate to encourage the writing and reading of exceptional stories; The Living Hunger being a prime example. As many have wrote before me, this story, with it's familiar characters and breakneck pace, keeps you glued from the outset. I would be lying if I didn't suspect that the premise would become predictable. I was happy to find however that the writer chose not to go this route; though it does lead to some reader heart ache. Finally, I find that my overall takeaway is what convinced me to comment; be the light in whatever shade of darkness dares come your way."

Thanks Ryan

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