Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pleasant Surprise!

I'm generally not a morning person but was pleased when I awoke this morning to find The Living Hunger in the Top 20 for both War and Post-Apocalyptic genre on the site.  As most aspiring authors, I've sifted through my share of promotional material and used several serviced to get the word out about my novels, but I keep coming back to  They consistently deliver to an audience of readers that helps to boost my sales.  The thing I love about their promotions is you only pay for books sold: no $250 upfront cost with no guarantee of sales.

November 13, 2013 - The Living Hunger Status

Then, another wonderful bit of news before I headed off to work -- NO WORK TODAY.  I'd forgotten that I worked an extra day last week and had scheduled today free.  Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket today!

Well Raven and Nathan, I guess it's just you and me today, 5000 words and I'll be able to relax.