Wednesday, November 19, 2014

'because' a Novel to Inspire

I was recently contacted by the author of because, a new release that is featured on my Indie Author site, and asked to spread the word about his book.  I am happy to do so.  It has struck a chord with me, as I've recently been diagnosed with some significant back issues, forcing me to walk with a cane.  I pray it's a temporary condition but the prognosis suggests otherwise.  Anyway, this book offers hope for the disabled and will help readers gain a greater perspective on life's challenges and how we face and overcome these trials.

The book is highly rated with a nice start up the Amazon charts.  Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with Jack A. Langedijk's work: because

Amazon $6.97
Amazon 5 Star Reviews:

"I had the pleasure of Beta reading this work. I highly recommend this story to everyone of every age and every background. It has something special that will make everyone just a little better for having read it.

Robert Sanchez is a man who has it all, while living all his dreams to the fullest, his professional life is one that reaches others and truly has impact, his wife is the love of his life and his support, his daughter completes him as they encourage each others to reach the stars, a tragic accident threatens it all.

My favorite thing about this story is how it shows impact.. the impact of words, the impact of mental exercise,the impact your words can have on others unknowingly. With Great character interaction and a thrilling journey, this story will leave you feeling enlightened and encouraged." -- Sandra Ferrara

"Who is Robert Sanchez, and what is his problem? This is the question I asked myself throughout the book. The more I discovered about Robert, the more these questions became my own personal and introspective journey. As a special education resource teacher I know all too well that we are all handicapped in some ways, just as we are talented in other ways. Understanding this is the key to happiness. This is the spiritual evolution discussed in the ‘Celestine Prophesies’. ‘Because’ is an inspirational journey that is sure to lead to enlightenment for all who take that path. ‘Because’ is both the answer, and the question to better self-understanding and happiness." -- Shawn Smyth

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