Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Living Hunger Sequel - Getting There

Just wanted to post a quick update before the craziness of Thanksgiving hits and I have no time.  The Living Hunger Part 2 is moving along nicely (50% complete).  The introduction of new characters, as well as furthering the story of book 1 survivors has been a challenging, but rewarding.  Some of the new players lend themselves well to the 'flavor' of the series, while taking us in a slightly different direction.  I can't say much yet, but I think readers of the first installment will be satisfied with the way the story plays out and comes to a shattering conclusion.

Thanks for your patience and support.  The writing should be done before Christmas, opening the door for editing and publication for very early 2015.  I have a number of really unique ideas for the new year, which I'm researching now.  A new title will be available Holiday Season 2015 and the Second Edition of With Cruel Intent will also be available mid 2015.


 May you all have a truly amazing Thanksgiving with loved ones and friends.