Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Woman's Guide to Home Buying

I was recently introduced to the works of Jean Chu, who has written a pair of handy guides for home buyers and dog owners.  I love the approach she takes with both.  I wanted to take a minute today to highlight the Home Buying Tips eBook.  She has zeroed in on women, and more accurately, single women, who have never purchased a home.  I was surprised to see that women outpace men, 2 to 1 in this market.

Please take a minute to review the synopsis provided here and help spread the word.  I would recommend this to anyone looking at home ownership, with emphasis on first-time female shoppers.

Home Buying Tips
Getting Started for Beginners

Valuable Guide $4.99
Ladies, this guide is written for the sole purpose of turning female home shoppers, who are often single, into informed, powerful homebuyers.  Education and understanding are at the heart of any large acquisition.  The purchase of a house is the largest investment most of you will ever make, tying you to a location for years to come, as well as budgeting your finances.  It may surprise you that unattached women constitute 20% of first-time property buyers.  This number has doubled since the 1980’s and currently outpaces single men, making a similar purchase, by 2 to 1.

As with any significant buy, there is always a degree of uncertainty and stress, but also great excitement and satisfaction…if you’ve done your homework.  Too many first timer’s look back at their home-buying experience through the proverbial lenses of hindsight, sadly invoking “coulda…woulda…shoulda”.  This does not need to be the case…not any more.  There is a landslide of information at your fingertips, but none more streamlined for single women than this concise, informative eBook.

Writer and researcher, Jean Chu, has taken the initiative, sorting through piles of advice, data and helpful material to bring you the gems of her labor.  The guide is direct and related specifically to a woman’s needs.  Face it; females have different wants and demands when it comes to home ownership.  There is power in knowledge…learn to find and negotiate from a position of strength.

A short list of what you’ll master:
·      Preparing – taking the first steps
·      How to choose a house and neighborhood
·      Finding the ‘right’ agent
·      Up-to-date mortgage options and rates
·      Finance options: creative and diverse…learn them all
·      What can you afford
·      Learn to initiate and negotiate an offer
·      And much, much more…


Download this valuable guide today and begin your home-buying journey with the tools you’ll need to be successful.  This should be a fun, joyful experience.  Do it right the first time.

 The book is currently featured on eReaderRecon.com