Sunday, December 29, 2013

Heather A. Buchman's Cowboys, Rodeos and Romance

Author Heather A. Buchman has crafted a series of romance novels that will appeal to a wide range of readers.  She writes from the heart about things that she's well acquainted with and bring her joy.  The story is set in the beautiful state of Colorado, amongst majestic landscapes and rugged, honest people.
The first in the series, And Then You Fall, introduces the characters and paints a picture for the balance of the books.  Readers have been taken in with her writing style and incredible descriptions.  As one reader has said: "Made me laugh. Made me cry. Put your jammies on, pour a glass of wine, light a fire, and immerse yourself in the world of Ben and Liv!"

Book #1 $4.99

Heather A. Buchman
Book #2, And Then You Dance, picks up where 'Fall' leaves off with And Then You Kiss due for release in 2014.  I'm not much of a romance reader but this series really caught my attention.  I'll confess, it was the covers that got me, but once I looked into the author's reviews and the storyline I contacted her for this highlight feature.  You can read more about her with multiple links at
We're betting these 'Cowboy Romance Novels' are set for success.

Book #2 $4.99

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