Monday, December 23, 2013

eReaderRecon's 'In the Crosshairs' Feature

I happened upon a book and author this past week that I wanted to share with you.  Her name is Elyse Salpeter and her most recent title is The Hunt for Xanadu.  Ms. Salpeter has been writing for years, with her works published via mainstream publishing services but most recently, she has taken to self publishing.  To learn more about her, please visit her site at; once there, you can read more about her and her collection of entertaining works.

The Hunt for Xanadu is receiving wonderful, 5 Star reviews and is attracting a wide range of readers including young adults.  The writing style is lively and the story compelling as one reviewer, Frank Tuttle, states:

"In this modern-day thriller slash fantasy epic slash romance novel, heroine Kelsey Porter's motivations seem simple enough, at first. Kelsey sets out to murder the man who killed her parents and brutalized her when she was a child.

But along the way, Kelsey comes face to face with beings from Buddhist mythology, and it's then that the novel really takes off.

Finding fantasy elements based on a real-world belief system is a refreshing change from the usual recycled vamps-n-demons trappings. Salpeter weaves these elements into the narrative skillfully, giving the tale a truly unique tone and making for some surprising twists.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! More Kelsey Porter, please"

I'm sure I'll be reading and recommending her books for some time to come.  Please take a minute to see what she's created: Amazon  -  eReaderRecon  -  Facebook

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