Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Husker (Zombie) Appreciation

My recent work, The Raven Falconer Chronicles: Operation Z-Day, is starting to pick up steam with new readers and reviewers finding a new twist on an old theme refreshing.  Goodreads.com reviewers are 8 for 8 with 5 Star reviews and ratings.  I am finding that people are hesitant to purchase book one of a series that promises more.  Perhaps they've been burned in the past with long delays or non-existent second books but that will not be the case here.  Book two is near completion and will be available mid January 2014.  The next installment brings new players into the fight for survival and more despair and tragedy as well.
This is unlike any 'Zombie' novel you've ever read.  Take a look at what readers are saying:

HM Jones: Goodreads.com Reviews

"Raven and her friends are fun, interesting and well fleshed out. Pun intended (you'll get it when you read the books). Their dreadful adventure is fast paced, thrilling and keeps you guessing. This is like no other apocalyptic work. Larsen knows what came before him, and he plays with well known themes while making his own unique story. His first book is a fun take on themes that needed a new, interesting voice. Well paced, interesting read that this reader really enjoyed."

Brandon: 10/10 on IABookReviews.com

"One anagram will cover this review: O.M.G. This book is probably one of the best Zombie genre books I've read! The way the author keeps the real world in tact while the deadly virus ravages the world was amazing. As an author of a zombie series, I've got a lot I could learn from this author, and I plan to! I will recommend this to ALL zombie fans, period!"

 Book 1, Operation Z-Day, is available on Amazon, Smashwords and all other online retailers.  $0.99 with a promise that all episodes will be the same.  This episode is 40,000 words and episode 2 is shaping up to be about the same.  Click the cover below for a quick look on Amazon.com.

Amazon.com Rated 5.0 Stars $0.99