Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Dead Body, Black Magic, and a Vampire Enforcer...

Could you ask for anything more?  This series, The Guardian Witch, is growing in popularity and has been very well received by readers around the world.  The author, Ally Shields, strikes a chord with so many lovers of Urban Fantasy and we are pleased to host her newest title as the 'In The Crosshairs' featured book for the next few days.

Blood and Fire, #4 in the series, is Amazon Rated 4.5 stars with readers reporting the following:

"Just as good as the ones before! I love the series. The characters are so strong,even the secondary characters like the weretigers are believable and interesting. I can't wait for more of about Aly and Andreas story and the fight to come against the 0 Seven! Hurry Ally I can't wait" --Tracy LeVieux (Amazon Reader)

Another 5 Star Amazon Reviewer:
"Blood and Fire was a very enjoyable story. I loved the characters the author created and the world in which they lived. Ari is a guardian and a witch who is romantically involved with the vampire prince Andreas. Together they have great chemistry and magic to help them protect their people. Ari is working with a human cop named Ryan to investigate the murder of a TV personality looking for some kind of artifact. Not only does Ari need to find the murderer but she needs to figure out what type of artifact was being sought after in order to bring peace to her community. Because she is not the only one looking for this artifact. On top of all that she is involved with Andreas and his battle to figure out why the O-Seven has sent an enforcer to Canada and to put things in place to protect his people. The story has everything a reader needs to keep them interested from the very beginning. All the secondary characters are well developed and play an important role in the story. Ally Shields does a great job with this book. I haven't read any of the first ones in this series and I never had any problems with following the story or characters. I enjoyed this world Ally created and will definitely be looking to read more of her work. Highly recommend" --Dsaraceni

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