Monday, May 26, 2014

TFRC - A Trio of Amazon Reviews

Amazon reader, Ally McMahon, has published three reviews, one for each of the serials that make up The Raven Falconer Chronicles.  They are posted here for your consideration:

"Operation Z-Day from the Raven Falconer Chronicles is an action packed suspense filled post apocalyptic zombie thriller. Author Dennis Larsen surpasses expectations with this captivating and alluring story of the fight against a virus spreading and destroying the minds of all who contract the virus turning them into zombies fueled only by basic instincts. Although steps are taken to stop the spread of this virus it is too late. Millions are now infected. Here we join the main characters in the fight of their lives.

This book in the series sets the background and the story line firmly in place. The characters are well developed and I find myself eager to get onto the next book to find out how this will play out.

For an exciting and intense zombie experience I highly recommend it."

" Rise of the Huskers is the second installment in the Raven Falconer Chronicles. Having greatly enjoyed the first book in the series (Operation Z-Day) I was happily surprised to find that Author Dennis Larsen outdoes himself again with Rise of the Huskers. Here we are presented with the same lovable characters in the fight of their lives against zombie like humans that have now developed a pack mentality. Raven and her friends must struggle, improvise and fight for their survival, resources and to maintain their health and security.

I enjoyed Larsen’s ability to maintain an element of suspense and thrills amidst lust greed and raw truth. I also enjoyed Larsen’s ability to paint with words vivid scenery that brings the story fully to life. I highly recommend it!"

"Vengeance Fulfilled is the third installment in the Raven Falconer Chronicles. Having read the other two books in the series (Operation Z-Day and Rise of the Huskers) I could not wait to sink my teeth into this book and find out how everything works out. Author Dennis Larsen delivers again with the same skills I have come to appreciate in his writing. Here we are presented with the survivors’ ability to fight back and attempt to gain control of their fate and extract the vengeance that has been building inside them from the beginning. This is an excellent portrayal of an exciting and exhilarating adventure of the human spirit and its will for survival and retribution. While this is an ending complete and satisfying, I hope to see more of Raven and her friends in the future. Highly recommended!"

Being an Indie Author, I can't tell you how vital book reviews are to the sustained success of a book.  I truly appreciate those who take their time to not only read the work but then write a constructive review.  Thanks - Dennis F. Larsen

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