Thursday, May 8, 2014

Achieve Anything in Just One Year

Writer, motivational speaker, and life-coach, Jason Harvey, has put his years of experience into the making of one fantastic book.  Achieve Anything in Just One Year is one of those self-help books that you'll read again and again.  The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with hundreds of people set on a path of self-fulfillment and stress-free living.

Jason contacted me and brought his work to my attention and I'm truly impressed.  Please take a minute to read some of the reviews that stood out to me but there are dozens more if you want to get a feel for what this book has to offer.

Amazon Reviewer Emma K. - 5 Stars:
"A very inspirational book that nurtures the body to do things the mind wants it to do. The day by day accounts and advice help the reader interact with the book itself. Mr. Harvey's book is spectacular. The simplicity of it is its most attractive aspect; Harvey uses quotes from people that overcame adversity to emphasize his idea. This is a very special book of its kind. This book not only gives advice but it also gives assignments to carryout your desires. I would recommend this book to everybody that wants to do something but are too lazy to do it."

Amazon $8.95
 Amazon Reviewer Diane L. - 5 Stars "True Gen of a Book":
"I really liked this book a lot. I was expecting a good motivational read but the author goes a step further and really hits the ball out of the park.
Inside you’ll find a great beginning and then 365 motivational lessons follow. This is an excellent way to get on track (and stay on track) to achieve your goals.
I liked the layout and plan every morning to read one day’s lesson. The book isn’t calendar based-in other words, you do not start Day One on January one.
This book is a true gem and well worth every cent.
I think it would also make an excellent gift."

Amazon Reviewer A. Martin - 5 Stars:
" This book allows the reader to directly interact with the author. The author teaches the reader how to believe in themselves
The advice the author gives is very practical and can be applied in daily life.This book motivates its readers to do the things they never imagined themselves doing. Jason Harvey does superb job in using quotes from famous people to try and inspire the reader.
The 365 lessons Harvey gives to the reader can be compared to a brand new car because of its value."

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