Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Raven Falconer Chronicles Review

E. Lucas, an Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer, recently posted the following 5 Star Review of my latest work:

"The Raven Falconer Chronicles" is a zombie apocalypse novel set in the wilds of Canada, where aspiring author Raven has taken a vacation to a cabin to get some writing done (ironically, it's a novel about zombies).

Unfortunately for Raven, her friends, and her family, what seems like a figment of imagination is about to become reality--a deadly virus is sweeping Canada, and if the victim survives, all higher brain function is shut down, leaving them only with a violent, lusting hunger. However, these aren't your average shambling zombies--they form packs and are capable of both cunning and cruelty for sport, and those led by biathlon Nathan Edwards are the scariest of all. Raven's three roommates risk life and limb to get out of the city and to her, and their troubles are just beginning, as they must fend off both those who have turned and those who haven't but are power hungry in the wake of the fall of civilization, including the volatile self-appointed chief of a Native American tribe.

I love horror, and the zombie subgenre is one of my favorites because it has so many possibilities for creativity in plot. "The Raven Falconer Chronicles" not only puts a new twist on the zombie book, but is exceptionally well-written and action-packed. I liked the idea of zombies who could be kept fairly docile if they're fed--but who seem to evolve over time and exhibit mindful evil, which is much scarier than an undead creature who is just driven by a need for flesh. The fact that they organized under a leader made it even more chilling.

The other high points of this novel are the characters and the setting."


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