Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Elite Indie Reads Review

Writer Hannah Jones has posted a nice review of my book, Rise of the Huskers, in her Hannah's Picks section of eReaderRecon.  You can read a condensed version of the review below or click her logo to read the entire posting.

"No, Dennis did not pay me or bribe me in any way to rate his books well.  I'm simply a BIG fan. Here's the thing: it's hard to be so polished, so entertaining and so unique without a professional editor, but Larsen brought it with this second installment, and it is all of those things and more.

This second installment of the Chronicles is much more disturbing than the first, which set up the back story of the heroine and her group of friends so well that I really cared about what happened to them in this book and was truly invested in their lives and struggles, emotional and physical. We get to see the girls in their weakest and strongest moments in this book, which draws some complexity into them and endears them more to me.

I also really appreciate the complexity of the huskers in this installment. We get to see the undead point of view and it's not as easy as it seems to be in the stale themes we see on the tv and read in so many zombie books. I love that Larsen added these other elements to bring the zombie novel up to par.  This author is a must read in thriller, suspense, drama and adult fiction. I highly recommend this book and all books by Larsen. I read this book in a matter of hours, and I read the first book just as quickly." - HM Jones (May 2014)


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