Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Business Advice in the Asian Market

I believe this is the first Business Marketing Book I've ever had up on the site.  The topic is timely and for those interesting in starting up or running a business that would require work in the Asian Markets, this book is a must.  Businessman Danny Hui is experienced and then some.  He is currently featured on  Take a look at his profile below:

Danny Hui, Twitter Link
Engineer, entrepreneur and producer. Danny has been involved with 21 startups, produced over 400 web comics, and created hundreds of websites. He is a student of the art of business, and a relentless solution-finder. With over 7 years of software consulting, he has first-hand experience in all ranges of companies, from 1-man bands to the fortune 500 enterprises. When Danny isn't working on a startup, he enjoys kickboxing, traveling, and clay sculpting.

Swimming with Asian Sharks by Danny Hui - Release Date March 2014

Ever wonder what it takes to do business in Asia? How do Asian business executives behave and think? Do you want to create a business from scratch in under 24 hours?

If so, this is your guide.

This book is a compilation of over one hundred business interactions spanning 3 generations, 6 countries, and 19 cities. We will examine business practices and cultures in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Ultimately, this book will give you the tools to engage and lure sharks of all sizes, from the lowly sales rep to the mighty Fortune 500 CEO.

Learn how to survive KTV, export goods, kiss ass, and ultimately prosper in the most hostile and exciting business environment in the pacific rim.

Amazon @2.99
Amazon 5 Star Review by Manchester:
"Swimming with Asian Sharks is an absolutely top quality book in every sense. The information is professional, straightforward, and most importantly, practical - the information learned from this book can literally be applied right away to a wide variety of professions and fields.

I really love how the author incorporates real-life examples into the book, I found the story of his aunt risking everything to move from China to Hong Kong (before it was a part of China) to be very inspiring and it set a very determined attitude and vibe to the book that stayed throughout the read.

What I admire most about this book, though, is that Danny Hui has made it easy-to-read and easy to understand without sacrificing pure advice; a conversational, smooth tone is present from start to finish that keeps the read from feeling 'chorelike' or bland whatsoever. I highly recommend this book for anyone serious about business, whether they're at the bottom or already a business 'shark', I'm sure they could learn something valuable from this ultimately great read."