Saturday, March 15, 2014

World of Jinn by E Kerrigan

Fantasy writer, E. Kerrigan, has initiated a new series with World of Jinn: Awakenings.  Readers and reviewers are posting nothing but praise for Book #1 in the series and my Indie Promo Site,, would have to agree.  Explore Kerrigan's work with the information and links provided below:

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A war was fought in the Jinn world between the Shaitans and the Amin. The Shaitans won, leaving the evil King Iblis as primary ruler over the five Jinn kingdoms.

This first book of the trilogy begins years later. Five humans are taken to the Jinn world after being attacked by a group of ghouls. In a hidden mountain city the humans are told that they are in fact Jinn, and now they must shed their human bodies and become Jinn once again. After this they can lead the Amin army to victory, and destroy Iblis and his army of ghouls once and for all. Inevitably, it will not be their external enemies that are their greatest danger, but instead a traitor from within.

The World of Jinn trilogy will explore the best and worst of humankind. Its purpose is to challenge our ideas of love, morality, forgiveness and the meaning of faith. Although centered on creatures mentioned in Islam, this book examines many paths of faith and argues that regardless of where our beliefs originate, it is our actions that define us.

5 Star Amazon Reviews:
"I can say first off it was a pleasure to read an indie book that had its own editor in P Kerrigan. A nice entry to the world of fantasy with a twist of reality. I like the story line and thought the characters were will well-formed and fitted with the plot. No disappointments here as its one of a series, so happy days for all us fantasy lovers. A good place to start it your new to this genre." -- Emma Parker (Amazon)

"This is a awesome book, I'm really digging it. If you're into fantasy, action, and cool stories, you'll love it." -- BookLover (Amazon)