Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Lost Colony Series: Jo Grafford

Guest Blog Posting by the author of Breaking Ties - Welcome Jo.  (Website)

I am excited to announce that Trail of Crosses, book two in the Lost Colony Series, is under contract as of this morning!

Book one Breaking Ties unravels an ancient conspiracy during a trans-Atlantic voyage plagued with trouble from day one. ROSE PAYNE the ship clerk is simply trying to outrun a broken heart. Instead, she runs straight into danger – pirates, plundering, and unexpected love with a man from a different social class. She considers him out of her league; he doesn’t.

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Hang on to your scalp! Book two Trail of Crosses picks up where Breaking Ties leaves off. Narrated by one of Rose’s best friends JANE MANNERING the huntress, we plunge into a story of teeth-grinding survival where cruelty and deception are the name of the game between tribes, that is, if you want them to remain a respectful distance. Alas, there is one legendary warrior Jane is not so sure she wants to keep at arm’s length.

Here’s a sneak peek at Trail of Crosses (coming soon):

July 26, 1587 - Roanoke Island
If it had not been for the barking of the dogs and chattering of the lads who scampered at my side, I might have heard the shot - the low vibration of the string as the thin, wooden shaft released, the faint whistle of the arrow as it sliced an invisible yet deadly path through the air, the scattering of wildlife as the forest itself braced before the world’s most fearsome predator. Instead, I merely felt the gentle lifting of my late father’s top hat as the arrowhead sank into the aged leather and pinned it to the heart of the oak behind me.
The men assigned to guard me fired their muskets wildly into the perimeter of trees. My ears rang with their gunfire and frenzied oaths. Then the slow burn of anger took over.
I pivoted to yank the arrow, top hat and all, from the trunk. Separating the two, I jammed the damaged hat back on my head and tapped the lone arrow against my gloved hand. The miss was deliberate, intended as a taunt. Had the shadowy creature intended to kill me, I would already be dead.
He remained out there, I was certain. Watching. This was a reminder that he was the hunter. I was the hunted.
(to be continued…)

Jo Grafford's Bio:

Jo is a mega reader of all genres and loves to indulge in marathon showings of Big Bang Theory, CSI, NCIS, and Castle. Her favorite books are full of rich history, strong alpha males, Native Americans, and creatures from the otherworld – an occasional dragon, vampire, or time traveler.
From St. Louis, Missouri, Jo moves a lot with her soldier husband. She has lived in the Midwest, the deep South, and now resides in Bavaria. Jo holds an M.B.A. and has served as a banker, college finance instructor, and high school business teacher. She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America and From the Heart Romance Writers RWA Chapter. 
Jo writes historical and paranormal romance. She is currently writing a series published by Astraea Press, which is based on the Lost Colonists of Roanoke Island – one of the world’s most intriguing unsolved mysteries.

Additional Retail Links and Information are available at eReaderRecon.com where Ms. Grafford is 'In the Crosshairs'.