Monday, March 17, 2014

Fantasy Title: 'I, Human' by Vito Veii

Author Vito Veiii's new novel, I, Human, is ranked in Amazon's Top 100 Metaphysical and Visionary titles.  This is pure SciFi, as told by the Captain of a troop of android.  If you like a read to challenge your senses and open your mind, this is the book for you.  The characters are colorful and the story engaging.  An inexpensive and easy read for a quiet afternoon.
Please check out Book #1 in this series with I, Human:

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I, human book I, is the first book in a series of fantasy science fiction stories concerning the journeys of an android and his companions, as told by his captain. The characters, in the book, are colorful, memorable, engaging and I think entertaining.

I have written this book for fantasy and science fiction lovers, who possess an enquiring mind and enjoy an imaginative journey with interesting ideas along the way.

This book and others in the series are dedicated to people of good will and all kindred spirits past, present and future.

Book #2
Book #3