Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stalking Jack: The Hunt Begins by Madison Kent

I've always had a soft spot for Jack the Ripper and the infamous legacy he left behind.  The mystery still haunts detectives, writers and anyone remotely connected to the Whitechapel area of London, 1888.  Author Madison Kent begins her tale in New York City and a woman bound for London -- Madeline Donovan.  Character development is well done and the topic . . . thrilling to say the least.  This new release eBook captured my attention, as I'm sure it will yours.  Please take a minute to read the synopsis here, as well as visit the author's personal website with the link below:

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It's August 1888, The SS City of New York is about to embark on her maiden voyage to England, and passenger Madeline Donovan is aboard.  The thought of spending Christmas in America, or anywhere close, on the tragedy's anniversary is unthinkable, so she flees.  Circumstances abruptly change when the local London papers arrive on board, and the news of Jack the Ripper's latest victim is headlined. Madeline meets Jonathan Franks, a reporter from The New York Times, and this encounter, coupled with other chance events, alters her thoughts and plans, ultimately sending her on a path to Whitechapel, the deadliest place of all. 

Amazon 5 Star Review by Keith esp:
"I liked the character Madeline Donovan and the way she goes about trying to hunt down Jack the Ripper. There were many suspects which kept the story entertaining and I also liked that she is a flawed person with problems of her own that she has to overcome. I recommend this book to people who like a good mystery."

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