Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dog Adoption - The Gift of Love

I can't imagine not having a dog.  From the time I was a small boy we took in any four-legged, furry mutt that wandered into the yard.  We ended up with some awesome dogs, which helped to teach me the value of pet ownership and the unconditional love of a good dog.  Just recently, our beautiful golden retriever, Hannah, ran the course of her life and we had to have her put down.  She was cherished and embraced as a member of our family for 14 years - I miss her every day.  I still expect to see her welcoming, little mug looking for me as I pull in the driveway.  I downloaded a new book today to help us as we look for a new dog.

Writer and researcher Jean Chu has a wealth of information in regards to finding the perfect dog.  It's more tricky than you might imagine.  We've been fortunate to select the perfect dog for us in the past, but I've had friends who were not so lucky.  Some breeds are better with children, some better watch dogs, and so on...  Don't leave it to chance - in the pages of this unique guide, Jean lays out, in painstaking detail, what it takes to select and care for a dog.

You get much more than the information, as she shares with you personal experiences with her own service dog.  As a team they help to lift and provide therapy to the disabled.  The eBook is well-written, concise, and filled with every detail you might like to know.  I'd recommend this book to anyone thinking of dog ownership.

March 14-16: Download the Amazon Digital Version for FREE

From the Author (Jean Chu): "Your New Dog is a guide designed to take the guesswork out of finding your perfect furry companion. This book detailed every single aspect of what to expect to own a dog - the joy, the love, the responsibilities."

Dog Adoption
Amazon 5 Star Review by John Frey:
"Two paws up! What a great read. On one hand Jean has captured what you already (should) know; and gently remind you again in case you're forgotten. More importantly, she has done a terrific job of capturing all of the things you really need to think about and consider that you might not factor into your decision. Things that could be make or break issues for a successful adoption. I'm not a dog, but if I was one - and I was up for adoption, I'd really want my new human to have read this before we "seal the deal". Well done Jean. Well done indeed. Woof Woof. (tail wagging)"