Friday, March 6, 2015

Featured FREE Amazon Download

Some time ago I featured a cool new eBook on and here on my blog - 56 Mix Tips for Small Recording Studios by Amos Clarke.  He's generously offered to feature the book for free from March 6-10 - that's a savings of $6.  I downloaded a copy for myself and contacted a bunch of my friends to do the same.  This is a fun, hands-on series of tips to enhance your mixing techniques either at home or in your studio.

Amos is a true professional with much to offer and some incredibly useful ideas.  A review is below, as well as a link directly to the book's download site:


Amazon 5 Star Review by Eric Block:
"The first thing to know about Amos Clarke is that his mixes are consistently well-balanced, detailed, spacious and punchy, so you can be confident that the techniques he shares in his latest book are well-worth incorporating into your own mixes. He’s made that easy by briefly describing each technique, why and when it’s useful, how it works, followed by a “Do It’ section that tells you precisely how to achieve it. It’s a winning format that’s just as punchy and illuminating as his mixes. Highly recommended."

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