Saturday, March 21, 2015

The 1*3*5 Diet Plan, $10 Value is FREE Mar 21-22

My friend and writer, Jenny Li, has a new book available for individuals trying to lose weight, while eating larger portions and plenty of meat.  Yes, you read it correctly.  Believe me, after reading the premise I downloaded the book straightaway.  Sounds like just what I need.  She addresses not only recipes, but a lifestyle change to bring down your weight without giving up that 'full' feeling.  The book is packed with useful information and is bursting at the seams with delicious recipes and in-kitchen ideas.  I've already contacted my family members to give it a try - perhaps you should do the same, especially while it's a free download from Amazon.

It's brand new but there are already a couple of nice reviews.  Take a look:

5 Star Amazon Review by Mongoose:
"I love the idea of mixing and matching for a healthy meal- something that can be easily done for a meat lover. This book has a lot of practical techniques and a great advice to lose weight, easy and yummy looking dishes - some with Asian flair! The cauliflower crust pizza, garlic shrimp look delicious. Looking forward to try some of these dishes out."

FREE March 21 & 22
 5 Star Amazon Review by Susan Diamond:
"Very good tips on taking baby steps and eating cleaner food to lose weight. The receipt provided by the author looks delicious. I don't mind to eat well and lose weight!"

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